Spring Ball Preview: Stuckey or Proctor?

While the debate on the starting quarterback at Clemson will continue throughout spring practice, another intriguing battle is set to go on a smaller stage. If Willie Simmons were to transfer, redshirt freshmen Will Proctor and Chansi Stuckey will face off for a spot on the 2nd team.

Position: Quarterback
3rd Team: Will Proctor
And just what about Will Proctor?

Proctor came to Clemson last year from Trinity Prep down in Winter Park, Florida with outstanding accolades and a world of potential. After redshirting his freshman year, he now stands on the brink of nailing down a reserve role at quarterback.

Aside from simulating Texas Tech quarterback Kliff Kingsbury during the Tigers' preparations for the Tangerine Bowl this past December, not a whole lot was heard from the redshirt freshmen quarterbacks this past fall.

However, the coaching staff has maintained that Will Proctor had a solid year learning the offense and developing skills in preparation for next season.

Proctor has a quick release and looks to be a better pure passer than Chansi Stuckey at this point in his career. He moves well out of the pocket for a player his size and he makes good decisions with the football.

And should Willie Simmons decide to transfer, Proctor could be elevated to second string and play a pivotal role in the 2003 season, which makes spring practice that much more important.

Simply put, this spring will focus on him becoming the future quarterback at Clemson University. Should Charlie Whitehurst be injured next season, he'll need to feel comfortable enough with the offense to go in and effectively lead this team down the field.

He'll also be in competition with another redshirt freshman for playing time- Georgia native Chansi Stuckey.

Position: Quarterback
Prove Us Wrong: Chansi Stuckey
Coming out of Northside High School last year, Chansi Stuckey was one of the most highly regarded quarterbacks out of the state of Georgia. However, some experts questioned his arm strength at the collegiate level and even suggested he may be better suited as a wide receiver or a cornerback at Clemson.

But that hasn't happened--- at least not yet.

This certainly will become an intriguing situation if Willie Simmons decides to stay on board for his last year at Clemson.

Does the staff keep both Proctor and Stuckey competing against each other on the third team at quarterback, when Stuckey could very well help out the team at another position?

Stuckey is a versatile athlete that has speed to burn and the ability to escape elude even the quickest defender.

Why not use his talents elsewhere?

Because quite frankly, he's looked pretty good in practice and during pregame warm-ups last season.

The questions about his arm strength have been answered and Chansi has also bulked up in the weight room to prepare himself for the pounding that a collegiate quarterback must be ready to face.

Is a position change likely in the works at some point for Stuckey? Maybe. But if Willie Simmons leaves, maybe not.

Chansi would provide the ultimate insurance policy and the staff would likely want to see how he would respond on gameday before he made the switch to another position.

This spring will be critical for Chansi Stuckey, but it looks as though he will have at least one more year to prove himself on the football field at the quarterback position.

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