Scott, Tigers finish strong

Clemson had a few close calls in losing 2010 commitments, but never did. All 21 commits before National Signing Day held true to their word.

"That's so big with all these kids committing early and changing their minds later," said recruiting coordinator/wide receivers coach Jeff Scott.

In addition, two more signed on, rounding out Clemson's 23-man class.

"Out coaches have worked extremely hard. It's about relationships, and it's about a lot of different things," Scott said. "But bottom line, you've got to outwork your opponent.

"I just think of somebody like Charlie Harbison this year, battling for those guys we had in Georgia--battling Georgia, battling Auburn, battling Georgia Tech. For those last three weeks, he's been in there fighting and battling. I appreciate that."

Harbison was instrumental in Clemson landing several names and retaining them throughout.

Desmond Brown, Darius Robinson and Martin Jenkins, to name a few, all told CUTigers how great their relationships were with coach 'Cheese'.

In those three, and with a few others, Clemson replenished its stock at defensive back. That almost wasn't the case at linebacker.

"Coming into this afternoon, we felt like if we could sign Justin Parker that we could fit that need," Scott said.

Though Parker didn't announce his decision to the public until Wednesday, he knew for a while that it was going to be Clemson. Scott and coach Dabo Swinney were leaving Tavaris Barnes' home when the call came.

"Those are hard secrets to keep, because you are so excited about it and you want to tell everybody," Scott said.

It was no secret that at one point, Clemson coaches began searching for a quarterback to sign in 2010. Ultimately, none were signed.

It came down to a simple thought process.

"You kind of start judging, 'Is this the guy that I could take late? Is he going to be better than the guy I wait and take in 2011 and maybe have that guy come through in January and basically be the same thing, except he misses the first fall?'"

Coaches don't believe Jake Nicolopulos will be able to contribute on the field from middle linebacker, but hope that he makes his presence felt from elsewhere in the program.

"Whenever he's well enough, he'll have a scholarship to Clemson," Scott said. "That's what Clemson is all about. We talk about the message of family environment and being one Clemson. When you have situations like this, it gives you a chance to live out what you say." Top Stories