AUDIO: Purnell, Potter and Young

CLEMSON - Listen to audio of post-game interviews with Clemson coach Oliver Purnell, David Potter and Andre Young.

"It was a high-stakes game and a high-stakes effort. I was really proud of our effort tonight. We continue to rebound the heck out of the ball. I didn't like how we took care of the ball in the last six minutes, but we did step up and knock down some free throws."

ON DEVIN BOOKER: "Devin is going to be terrific. We hope he can give us that kind of production consistently down the stretch. He certainly has the potential to make an impact for us, especially when we play against big front lines, we are going to be in foul trouble."

ON STITT AND YOUNG: "It's been a good lineup since day one. It's come up big all year long. That's another good thing about having Demontez back-they are good out there together because they're so quick. We envision that being a good free throw shooting lineup as well."

ON FSU USING THE ZONE: "I thought it did stymie us a little bit. Honestly, we have been surprised that we haven't seen more zone this year. It makes it tough when a big team packs it in, so we've got to make a couple of shots to loosen things up."


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