Final piece of the puzzle?

This Florida defensive end recently said he's not quite ready to commit to Clemson, but claimed the Tigers as his favorite. With a number of prospects in Tigertown this weekend for Junior Day, could Saturday be the day he decides to commit?

DE Clay Burton Profile

CUTigers caught up with Venice defensive end Clay Burton just days before he's scheduled to make the trip from Florida to Atlanta, and then to Clemson. He and his mother will fly into Atlanta on Friday, stay with an uncle that night, and drive to Clemson on Saturday.

The trip will be the first his mother has made to Clemson. They were also invited to the Junior Days at Duke and West Virginia.

"I just want to get my mom acclimated (at Clemson). That s really what it's all about," Burton said. "It'll be here first time. It'll be a good time to see all the coaches, coach [Jeff] Scott, coach [Brad] Scott and coach [Dabo] Swinney."

His mom has met Scott several times at basketball games.

"She appreciates him and all the time he's spent on me. It'll be nice for to get a feel and meet coach Swinney and feel like I am," Burton said.

He also wants mom to see the school that's atop his list. Although he's searching for a little bit of a blessing from her, Burton said the decision is his.

"Overall, it's about me and whenever the time feels right," he said. "It's also a plus to get my mom comfortable. It'll be good to have here up there and take in the Clemson atmosphere."

As far as whether he'd commit this weekend or not, Burton is pacing himself until the "time feels right".

"When I was in for a football game this fall with my uncle, we sat down in coach Scott's office with him and his wife," he said. "We played a little hard ball and that was one of the serious things. He's not pushing for a commitment.

"He's also said a whole bunch of plusses about committing early, how they would honor the scholarship if anything happened. There are bonuses of committing early and having the whole process over."

Burton just learned there's also a basketball game in Clemson on Saturday afternoon. He would like see that too.

"Mom asked about that. I think it would be nice for her," he said. "I know the fans will be rowdy for the basketball game. It'll show her what the Clemson crowd is like, although they're 10 times more rowdy for football." Top Stories