AUDIO: Purnell, Grant and Booker

CLEMSON - Listen to interviews with coach Oliver Purnell, Jerai Grant and Trevor Booker after Saturday's 72-49 win over Virginia.

"Obviously I was pleased with the way we played and the way we approached this week getting ready. We did a good job with our focus and preparation for this opponent, and I thought it showed. We wanted to get the ball inside. (Mike) Scott is a good post player, but we thought they had a lack of depth down there. This time of year is when a good team takes a game when the other team is struggling by the throat. Now we can take the next step toward being a great team by going on the road and winning."

ON JERAI GRANT: "Jerai has been good all year. He was our most improved player last year, and this year he has elevated his game even more. He has developed into a pretty good ACC player."

ON DEMONTEZ STITT: "I think he's been back for a while, but that's just me. This week he realized he wasn't dead and came back strong. Once again, having a full week off between games helped him. I think he can do many of the same things he used to do."

ON HOW GOOD HIS TEAM IS NOW: "We're a pretty good basketball team, no question about it. To be a great team, now we have to win on the road. It will be a good test for us. There's nothing wrong with being a really good team, I just want to be a great one."


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