Clemson legacy visits for Junior Day

With not much left to see around Clemson's campus, this frequent visitor from the Peach State wanted to spend his Junior Day getting to know the coaches better.

OLB Terrance Smith Profile

CUTigers spoke to Southwest DeKalb High School outside linebacker Terrance Smith for a reaction on Saturday's Junior Day in Tigertown.

"I basically knew everything they were showing us. It was a pretty nice day down there to get to see the whole campus. I enjoyed the trip," he said.

Defensive ends coach Chris Rumph spent most of the day with Smith.

"We talked about how I fit in down there with their defense, basically tried to figure out where I would play," Smith said. "It'd be what they call the bandit."

At the next level, he said he'd prefer to play in a 3-4 scheme at outside linebacker.

Smith also met with coach Dabo Swinney for about 20 minutes.

"They popped me out of the tour and took me up to his office for about 20 minutes with my mom," Smith said.

"Basically my mom was getting a whole bunch of questions answered--just clarifying things. It was just a regular conversation. He just told me how much they really wanted me down there at Clemson."

He currently hopes to take other spring visits to Florida State, Tennessee and Auburn. Prior to his most trip to Clemson, Smith had been to Alabama and Georgia Tech for Junior Days.

Clemson sits between a list of national powers on his list of favorites.

"Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, Florida State and Georgia Tech--that's the order," Smith said.
A decision will "more than likely" be made by the end of the summer, before the start of his senior season. Top Stories