Been there, done that

Now that the dust has cleared in the race for a first-round bye in the ACC Tournament, Clemson hunkers down in preparation of the opening round night cap with N.C. State on Thursday.

Much of Monday's practice time was spent shooting and scouting the Wolfpack.

Tanner Smith anticipated a much more intense pace during Tuesday's practice—the last one at Littlejohn before the Tigers head to Greensboro for the ACC Tournament.

"Today we'll really pick it up as one of our high practices with pressing and everything, really getting after each other," he said.

Coach Oliver Purnell said the team will leave for Greensboro at 9 o'clock Thursday morning.

All team practices at the Greensboro Coliseum on Wednesday afternoon are open to the public. Clemson is scheduled to go from 3 to 3:55 afternoon before heading to another site for 30-45 more minutes of scouting reports and free throws. A team meeting is set for later that night with Thursday being treated as a typical game day.

When Thursday's game tips, it will actually be the fourth time this season the Tigers have played at the tournament's site (UNC-Greensboro shoot-around, UNC-Greensboro game, Wednesday's shoot-around, then Thursday night's game) Purnell scheduled that rare Southern Conference road game to prepare for the conference tournament.

He said Clemson's 89-67 UNC Greensboro 89-67 a worth-while trip.

"We've already had shoot-around there, already had a full game there," he said. "Those are three opportunities that we will have had to be on the floor, where as some teams will just get that one opportunity."

That night, the attendance was reported just below 5,700, although Purnell guessed there were a lot fewer patrons in attendance. What is normally a 23,500 seat arena for basketball games was cut down drastically with black tarps covering many of the seats up the sideline seats.

Purnell was surprised to see tarps covering most of the empty seats.

"I don't think it affects the shooting background, because it's around the sides and is up high…I would have preferred for it to be wide-open and cavernous, Purnell said. "Instead of tarps, there are going to be people up there. It's not the same anyway. It would have been empty."

Coming off 5-of-25 3-point shooting performance Wake Forest on Sunday, all the advantages Clemson can get this week will be well-received.

Smith believes the experience at the Greensboro Coliseum earlier this season will help.

"We won, played some pretty solid defense," he said.

"We're going to have some nice memories to draw back on as a team."

Everyone else wearing orange and purple this week also hopes to make some nice memories all weekend, starting on Thursday night. Top Stories