Post-season Diary: Andre Young

GREENSBORO, N.C. – Shortly after Clemson wrapped up its 55-minute practice at the Greensboro Coliseum, CUTigers brings the first post-season diary by sophomore point guard Andre Young a day before Clemson plays N.C. State in the first-round of the ACC Tournament.

I actually went to be kind of early the previous night. There wasn't a problem waking up this morning. We had breakfast waiting for us on the bus. I had two bacon, egg and cheese bagels. They were pretty good. The whole way up here, everybody was just chilling on the bus.

For the most part, I was just listening to music and just hanging out, going to sleep. I'm more of an R&B kind of guy, so I listen to chill music that will put me to sleep. I don't really listen to rap a lot. Most everybody has their music on, just listening to it. Some of the guys in the back play cards.

We got up here about 12:30 (Wednesday), checked into the hotel, ate some lunch at the hotel. We had sandwiches and fruit, little deserts like cookies and brownies.

We had a meeting at 2 o'clock, so we got here to the coliseum around 2:30 and then were just sitting around waiting for our practice.

We see the guys who had practice before and after us. Wake Forest practiced before us and N.C. State practiced after us. We caught a glimpse of them. We didn't really say anything to them because it's just strictly a business trip. We're not really up here to have fun. We came up here to take care of business.

Andre Young is averaging almost 12 points per game over his last nine contests and has made a three-pointer in his last 15 consecutive games. (Kevin Bray)
I know a couple of guys on Wake Forest, from playing against them on the AAU circuit. Al-Farouq (Aminu) and Tony Woods played with Tanner (Smith) on the Georgia Stars. We're Georgia boys, we know each other. That's the only way I know those guys.

After we leave here, we're going to have a shoot-around, shoot free-throws and stuff like that at another site.

The rest of the night, I think we're actually watching a movie later on tonight—I'm not sure what movie. We'll probably have dinner before that. After the movie, probably watch some more film, hang out, go to sleep and get ready for tomorrow.

We'll wake up, eat breakfast, and hang out a little bit and then we have pre-game meal. The whole time, we're just focusing on the game, getting ready for our opponent.

I just hang out; listen to music, stuff like that. There's nothing really I do every game. I'm just focusing on the game. I'll listen to music throughout the day--try to keep in a relaxed mood. I'll watch TV. Sometimes, me and Tanner will watch a movie. One game, we watched ‘300' to get amped up for the game. We do little stuff like that. Other than that, I don't really like trying to take naps. If I fall asleep, I'll fall asleep.

I'll probably be watching a lot of games. This year, everybody in the ACC is legt. It's going to be fun watching everybody compete for an ACC title.

-Andre Top Stories