AUDIO: Purnell on NCAA bid

CLEMSON - Oliver Purnell discusses Clemson's third consecutive NCAA Tournament bid.


"I had a team at Dayton where we were the last team called. I was starting to feel like that a few moments ago. But I want to congratulate our guys because I wasn't sitting here sweating like I was in the past. They were locks for the NCAA Tournament. It is hard coming out of the ACC. Just ask Virginia Tech. But again, congratulations to these guys.

"I would also like to thank you the fans for all you have given us. You've made Littlejohn a tough place to play and that really helped us get in. So congratulations to you the fans.

"I like the matchup, of course I have no choice. But I think it looks like a great matchup. Their style mirrors ours. It will probably be the most entertaining game in the NCAA Tournament.

"I've had a lot of teams in the past but every night these guys have come to play. That's the first thing I want to say. I cannot guarantee what is going to happen in the tournament although I like our chances but I can guarantee you these guys will be ready to play and we will fight hard to represent you and we are going to have a great chance to win." Top Stories