Andre Young's Post-Season Diary

BUFFALO, N.Y. – In the sixth and final edition of Andre Young's post season diary, he talks about Friday's loss to Missouri in the first round of the NCAA Tournament and looks ahead to his junior season.

I played OK today. We lost, so it wasn't enough for us to win.

It really sunk in once we sat in the locker room and coach Purnell finished talking. He thanked the seniors. That's when it really sank in. I'm going to miss those guys on and off the court, just playing with those guys.

It's crazy how things work in basketball. During warm-ups, I couldn't buy a shot. I was shooting and getting frustrated that I couldn't hit a shot. It only takes just for one to go down. I just kept shooting with confidence. They kept going down and my teammates were finding me in good spots. It was just my job to go ahead and finish the job and knock down the shot.

Other teams have pressed us as much as they did. It didn't surprise us. We were ready for it. We watched film and know their style of play. We just didn't do a good job with it in the first half. I think in the second half, we came back and cleaned it up a little bit. We just didn't make the big stops at the end.

From this season, I just want to continue working on my overall game. I'm going to sit down with coach Purnell and talk about different things I can do to get better. We'll go from there. I'm going to be studying film, learning that way. Just working on it all.

I probably want to get better with penetration and really creating for others. I think I can probably do an even better job with that. That includes ball handling, just trying to create for myself or create for other guys. Top Stories