Swinney pleased with scrimmage

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Wednesday's scrimmage and more.


OPENING STATEMENT: "Today was about trying to create a bunch of situations that when we looked at quality control we felt were relevant. It's all about building towards Saturday where we just kind of get out the way and let them play. One of the things we studied that offensively if we can get four yards or more on first down, we are going to get another one.

"We worked first down, second down series. We did third-and-long. We worked a third-down and three and it's two-down territory all the way. Just like the situations we had against Georgia Tech. We wanted to make sure we hit all of those areas.

"Saw a lot of good flashes of things. Kyle Parker- he's a cool customer. Man he just came out and had a great practice today. Tajh [Boyd] is getting better and better. I was pleased with our backs. Defensively- when we get a chance we are catching it. We tipped some balls that led to picks today. The first group on offense and defense- there's some separation right now. So we have to get our second groups up to speed a little bit more and that's what spring is about.

"We want to be a smarter football team. We should be smarter and we have to be smarter. We have to eliminate the things that beat us - missed tackles, or assignments, or dropped balls or jumping offsides three times. Those are things that beat you. We have to continue to work on eliminating those things. I'm excited about Friday and having our coaches' clinic. [Former Clemson defensive coordinator Coach [Bill] Oliver is here. Mickey Andrews is coming in. Phil Fulmer is coming in so it should be a great clinic. Then Saturday will be our first full scrimmage. I thought it was a good day."

EXPANDING MORE ON THE RECEIVERS: Again I think all seven of those guys have competed well. They aren't making a lot of mistakes. They are executing things properly. Today- Brandon Clear had an excellent day. Jaron Brown - if you come out to practice and you don't notice him you need to take your glasses off. He just jumps out at you. Bryce McNeal is still processing a lot of information. He'll make a play and then drop an easy ball. Dye had a good day today. Made a couple of nice plays. Marquan [Jones] continues to have his arrow go up. Brandon Ford made some nice plays. It's a solid group. But right now Jaron and Marquan and Clear and Dye have stood out the most.

ARE THE RECEIVERS WHO HAVE THE MOST TO PROVE? Yes. Absolutely. Last year was about our offensive line. I feel like we've got a group there that can win at a high level. But our wide outs will have a lot of eyes on them. I'm confident in them. I'm excited about them. Just like last year when I was talking about the safeties. Some guys had to go prove it, but I've got all the confidence in the world in those guys. We are going to have an excellent bunch of wide outs.

ANY QUESTION ON WHETHER KYLE PARKER WILL BE BACK? Not really. Not really. Anything is possible. I'd be shocked if he's not out there. Who knows? I know he has fun. He rolls out here and has a great time. He looks like a guy that is pretty excited to me to play football out here.

MORE ABOUT KYLE PARKER: Tim Bourret told me ... and I can't confirm all of this yet but preliminary reports are ... because there's a high likelihood he'll hit five more homeruns ... he'll be the first football/baseball dual-athlete to throw for 20 touchdowns and hit for more than 15 homeruns in a season. Rodney Peete is the closest. He's out. John Elway is out. Chris Weinke is out. He'll be the first guy to do that.

TALKING ABOUT TAJH BOYD: This has been the first time that Tajh has had Kyle here for two days in a row. It makes a big difference because he's got a lot on him right now. You throw him out there with the first group with veteran guys all over the place and he's trying to be in that leadership role. It's a lot of pressure on him but he's handling it well. Like today he sailed the ball high with a guy wide open then he came back and threw a perfect strike. It helps when Kyle is here because he can see it and visualize it. I think he'll be ready Friday and Saturday. Good opportunity for him.

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