Tigers to make 2010 Death Valley debut

CLEMSON – Head coach Dabo Swinney speaks about Friday's practice, Saturday's 10 a.m. scrimmage and more after wrapping up practice Friday evening.


It was just OK. Again, we worked a lot of things we haven't really done. Wednesday wasn't a lot of installation. Kyle (Parker) was here Monday and Wednesday. We were very crisp Wednesday. Today, Kyle was not here and we had some different things that we had installed. And we had some different situations that we had not run. Tajh (Boyd) was doing two-minute. He wasn't bad, he just looked like a freshman out there today, because he is. He's getting better—getting better every day.

Hopefully I'll see the carry-over in toughness that we've shown this spring. We had another Oklahoma, what we call the Paw Drill today. That was a good, tough, physical drill. Hopefully, I'll see good toughness, good effort tomorrow. I just want to see us become a smarter team. That's one of our objectives this spring—becoming a smarter football team. By that, I mean eliminating things that beat you: missed assignments, missed tackles, dropped balls, stupid penalties—just eliminating those things, and also understanding situational football. Understanding, ‘oh, it's second and one in the red zone.' Understanding that's a shot down. Really thinking about formations and what comes off of those formations. Just playing our techniques properly. Do your job and do it right, with great effort. I'm anxious to see the kickers in the stadium. Richard Jackson has had a real good spring. He's been really, really good. Really consistent to this point. It's always different when you go to the stadium for the first time. Hopefully, we'll have good energy tomorrow, going over to Death Valley.

We're going to do punt, punt return and field goal tomorrow.

We're a work in progress. I feel comfortable with Wilson Norris. He's a guy that's made a lot of progress. He's still a guy that has some work to do, as far as being a consistent pass protector. He knows what to do. He's tough as they come. He'll be a very good point of attack run blocker. He's got some leadership abilities. Phillip Price is starting to show some signs. He did some good things out there today. He's a guy that I think is going to help us. Matt Sanders is still a little inconsistent. He's making a lot of progress. He's a guy, by the time we kick it off; hopefully, we can get him where David Smith was going into last year. He's not quite there yet, but he's working hard—getting there. Brandon Thomas is kind of like Tajh at his position. He's still got a lot to learn but is very talent. You can see it. He's a tough kid. There's a big drop off right now between him and (Chris) Hairston. That's from experience and understanding the speed of the game through knowledge. He's just not quite there yet. That's why we practice. That's why we coach them. We'll get Mason Cloy back and that will really sure our twos up this fall.

I really like what I'm seeing out of Corico (Hawkins) and Tig Willard. Those two have been pretty consistent. Tig Willard has probably been the most pleasing guy right now. He's really shown some signs of getting it. He understands what we're doing. He's playing fast. Corico is, I think, has potential to be a really good player for us. He continues to learn, he's not making a ton of mistakes. The other guy that has kind of caught my eye is Quandon (Christian). He's got a long way to go, but he's got the right stuff.

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