AUDIO: Saturday Dabo Swinney

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Saturday's scrimmage.


"I thought we got a lot done today. In particular defensively and that was exciting to see. We just showed a little more toughness and executed a little better than what we did offensively. I thought the energy was good. We took Chris Hairston out early and moved David Smith around in a few places. We are continuing to develop depth there. But the thing I'm most pleased with today is how we continue to develop defensively with both our groups. We created some fumbles. That's probably the thing I was disappointed with offensively is that we stopped some drives offensively with fumbles.

"I don't think we had any interceptions but we had some fumbles. But we have to eliminate the things that cause us to lose. That's the whole point. We didn't have a lot of off sides today and that was good to see. That's a sign of discipline. We also didn't have a lot of missed tackles. That gets you beat. We didn't give up a lot of big plays.

"Offensively some guys that jumped out to me ... Tajh got better as the scrimmage went along. Mike Wade - he's off the charts and so smart. He's kind of a kid in a candy store jumping around. But it's kind of like he's cheating because he knows the offense and defense. Really pleased to see Xavier Dye make some plays today. Bryce McNeal caught my eye a couple of times. Jamie Harper ... man if he'll run the ball like he's been running it this spring, he's going to have a heckuva year. Andre [Ellington] ran hard but put the ball on the ground. That will get us beat.

"Defensively, Rennie Moore, Quandon Christian, Andre Branch, DeAndre McDaniel and Gilchrist - I thought Carlton Lewis and Jonathan Meeks are improving ... and we just have a nice competitive situation on the defensive side.

"Good day. Really pleased to have Jake Nicolopulos out here today. We've talked about him so much to the team so it was neat to see him and see the progress he's made. He's a walking miracle. Really happy he was able to join us." Top Stories