Monday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON – Head coach Dabo Swinney gives his final thoughts on Clemson's scrimmage on Saturday, talks Monday's practice and more.


IMPRESSIONS AFTER SATURDAY'S SCRIMMAGE: I think the biggest thing was both of our first groups have got a chance to be really good. Both first units, especially up front, did some good things. We've got some work to do to get our backups up to speed, kind of get them to close the gap a little bit. We've got some guys that are capable of doing that. We've just got to keep teaching and keeping getting them better. We did a lot of good things. I'm real pleased with what I saw, mostly from the first group. Defensively, some of their backups are a lot closer to the ones. There's not near as much drop off there. Really, offensively, it's more inexperience, as opposed to ability or talent. That's a good thing. We've got to just keep teaching. It's good film for Tajh (Boyd) to study. Overall, a good day.

HOW WOULD YOU CHARACTERIZE THE MIDDLE LINEBACKER COMPETITION? We're just getting Brandon Maye back into the mix. Brandon, I thought, did a really good job Saturday. He made his presence known. He's had a really good attitude. He's just been kind of banged up. He's kind of working back into the rotation. Corico (Hawkins) has continued to keep the arrow going up by his name. He's performing well. I'm really pleased with our SAM backer. Daniel Andrews and Quandon (Christian) both did a good job on Saturday. Daniel is a really smart, instinctive guy. He's a guy that's got to be in position. He doesn't have a lot of room for error. He's got to line up right, play the right technique and he can helps us. Quandon is really a natural football player. As he continues to learn, he's going to be the right kind of guy for that position, I think. The guy I'm really excited about is Tig Willard. He's having an excellent spring, not making a lot of mistakes. He tackled well Saturday. As a whole, he didn't miss a lot of tackles.

WHERE WAS SCOTTY COOPER SATURDAY? He was hurt. We're getting x-rays tonight. We've got to send them off. We're hoping that he's just pulled his groin and that he doesn't have a sports hernia. We won't know. He did it in Friday's practice. That's why he couldn't scrimmage.

KOURTNEI BROWN'S REDSHIRT: The redshirt was great. It's the best thing for our team and the best thing for Kourtnei. Now he has a chance to really play himself into potentially a solid NFL prospect over the next two years—kind of catch up a little bit. He was a little bit ahead of himself. He's been a little banged up. He's got a little groin injury that he's been battling. He was a little limited, but he'll get well. We're really pleased with Kourtnei.

DIFFERENCE IN KYLE PARKER THIS SPRING: He's confident. He's the guy. He's played 14 games. Last year, he hadn't taken a snap. He doesn't have near the pressure on him, as far as his preparation. His class schedule is different, he doesn't have Monday, Friday classes. He's got a nice balance going on. He came out and had an outstanding day today. Every day that he's been out there he's just been really impressive. He is some kind of talent. He really is.

MONDAY'S PRACTICE: It was very good. Guys came back with good tempo on both sides. We did more installation today. We had to kind of catch up on some things we put on the shelf last week. I thought they all responded well. We had some discipline things today we needed to get in shape as well. I'm proud of this group. We just need to continue to buy into having that toughness. There's no substitute for great effort, toughness and dependability. That's what we're trying to achieve at every position.

DA'QUAN BOWERS' INJURY: He's fine. He's still strengthening his knee. He doesn't have any pain or anything like that. He still doesn't have quite the muscle strength in one knee that he has in the other. That's something we're working on every day.

RENNIE MOORE AT DEFENSIVE END: Rennie Moore, if I can just keep him focused and keep him bought in to what we're trying to do and how to do it, Rennie Moore over the next two years has a chance to be a really outstanding player, if he'll just buy in. He's doing a good job. We're making a lot of progress with him off the field. I really think that's showing up on the field for him. I'm real pleased with Rennie Moore and his versatility.

LEADERSHIP: Today, I gave some guys the opportunity, if they wanted to address the team today. (Chris Hairston) was one of them. We need that from Chris, particularly on the offensive side of things. We lost some really strong leaders on that side of the ball. We're counting on him to be a guy that's not only a good player for us, but to bring others with him. Top Stories