The latest with Lateek

A decision that was once thought to have already been made is on hold until the U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

OLB Lateek Townsend Profile

That's when Marlboro County outside linebacker Lateek Townsend will make his final decision public.

He recently talked to CUTigers about the three schools he's considering right now.

"The teams I'm focusing on right now are Florida, Clemson and South Carolina. It's not really in order of those three schools that I like," Townsend said.

The top-ranked 2011 outside linebacker in South Carolina is more familiar with the in-state schools.

"I know pretty much everything about Clemson," Townsend said. "And South Carolina, I know a little bit about them. I don't know the coaching staff as well. So when I get down there, I'm just going to try to mingle around with the coaching staff and get a feel for how they are.

"I think everything's good with the coaches at Florida. I just have to get down there and see how it is."

When he'll go to Florida, he's still unsure of at this point. Townsend could also be in Columbia this weekend at South Carolina.

And then this Friday, Townsend is supposed to visit North Carolina for the first time.

"I'm just going to get down there and see what it is like. They want me to get there. They said when I get there, I'll like, so they just want to show me," he said.

Townsend has not set another date to return to Clemson since his last trip on Junior Day.

"I've been trying to find someone to take me down there, one of my buddies or one of my coaches. They haven't set up a date. When they set up a date, I'm going to get down there," he said. Top Stories