Bradley discusses interim job

CLEMSON – Interim basketball coach Ron Bradley spoke to media Tuesday afternoon to share his thoughts on his current position, what happened with Oliver Purnell in the days leading up to his hiring at DePaul and the future of Clemson basketball.

OPENING STATEMENT: "I know Terry Don (Philips) and probably Billy D(‘Andrea) were in here and talked about the good job my friend Oliver Purnell did here over the last seven years here. I just came back from Indianapolis and I don't know how many people out there complimented Oliver and me on the job that has taken place here. It's a great opportunity. Oliver's done a great job and I've poured my heart and soul into it as well. I like to think that I have my fingerprints on a lot of what's gone on here. I don't want to make this a campaign, at the same time.

THOUGHTS ON HOW THE STORY PLAYED OUT: I have been in the business for a long time. You always realize this is a possibility. It just exploded. When I first talked to Oliver about it, I had just come out of an FCA meeting in Indianapolis about 2 o'clock. He told me they had come after him very aggressively. I don't know if it started Friday night or Saturday morning. It just exploded very quickly…I found out Saturday morning that DePaul had come after him. I didn't know how far along. He didn't say how far down the road it had gone.

PURNELL LIKES BUILDING A PROGRAM: I think there's some credence to that. That's his motto. He's done it at five different schools--well I guess this is his fifth school now. I think that's a part of the whole challenge that he enjoys. That is a definite factor in all of this.

OTHER FACTORS?: I think that's the main thing. I think it's the nature of the business. I haven't read anything yet. I got up this morning and had breakfast with the team. As a team, we carried along as normal.

WHAT HE'S TOLD THE TEAM: The main thing for the team right now, we're a couple of weeks from the end of the semester—final exams. Right now, they really have to focus on themselves, on the academics—take care of that, handle that, don't let this interfere with academics. And we talked about the basketball. Let's get better right now and just carry on. I think kids today, they're cognizant of everything goes on in Division I sports. I think it caught them by surprise. They told me they found out on Twitter last night at 1 o'clock. One of them got it somehow. I turned my phone off last night. They knew at 1 o'clock. We just talked about keeping on keeping on.

HOW HE'S HANDLING THE SITUATION: I'm going to go undefeated until they make a decision. Hopefully, again, I said I don't want to campaign for the job. The assistant's position is to work behind the scenes and do the best you can to make the program as good as you can. Around here, what I have done, I just have to hope on that body of work.

ON DAMAGE CONTROL: Recruiting, I've been on the phone with a lot of coaches and that kind of thing. I've asked them to hang in there with us for a little while. I'm going to go as hard as I can for the job. I know all of the kids we're recruiting.

ON MARCUS THORNTON: I spoke with his father this weekend. Everyone is a little bit in shock. They were shocked. Everyone was shocked, it happened so quickly. We didn't think this would happen, but I think we'll be fine. It's a place that's close to where he lives.

WHEN HE KNEW THE DEAL WAS DONE: At 7 o'clock this morning when I turned my phone back on. I had about 50 tweets, Facebooks, texts.

ON IF HE WOULD BE DIFFERENT THAN PURNELL?: I don't want to talk a whole lot. Oliver built a great foundation here. He really did. The blueprints might change a little bit, here and there. As a great of friends as he and I are, we're as different as night and day on a lot of things. There would be change.

THE FUTURE: We lost Book and we lost Potter. They were important to us. We have a good nucleus of returning players. Tanner, Andre, Demontez and Jerai—they had really good years. This freshman class, I'm a little old school. This freshman class was ranked this and rated that. I always think it takes a maybe a John Wall or somebody like that, maybe Carmelo Anthony. I think it takes a player a year and a half for a player to develop. You guys don't see us day in day out in practice. The freshmen did make great strides in practice this year. I don't think this program is going to take a step back at all. Top Stories