Boyd meets Parker's approval

CLEMSON – Kyle Parker can't help but see a little bit of himself in Tajh Boyd.

It wasn't all that long ago when he was in a similar position, making some of the same mistakes.

"Whenever I look at him, I just compare what I was going through that first spring," Parker said after Saturday's Orange and White game.

"He had days where he didn't look that good and he had days where he looked great. That's how it goes whenever you're getting thrown in there and figuring it out. He looked really good at times out there today, throwing the ball."

How much of a contribution Boyd is asked to make next year can be determined by Parker. He'll tell you too, whether he decides to leave Clemson to pursue a professional football career or stick around for at least one more year is still an unknown.

If Saturday was the final time he'll play football in Death Valley, Parker's impressed with his would-be successor.

"Obviously, (Boyd's) got all the physical tools that you could really ask for," Parker said. "I think he'll just come with reps. I think he can do a lot. He's always asking me questions and I just try to help him out."

With a full summer ahead of him, Boyd's sure that he's capable of whatever he's asked to do this fall.

He's got no qualms admitting that he's got some work to do until then.

"I need to be a little bit more of a leader," Boyd said. "There's certain stuff, to take control. I'm kind of a laid back guy. There's some stuff that you've got to be more assertive with in college football.

"There's small stuff I need to work on. A little bit of footwork, just mechanical issues. Once I get those cleared away, the sky's the limit."

Then again, Parker could be the limit.

With 14 games (including a trip to the ACC Championship) under his belt, there's no question as to who the quarterback would be this fall, if he's back.

"The biggest thing is that I've been in a lot of situations," Parker said. "I really know what to expect coming into the season. There were a lot of things last year that I wasn't really familiar with. Going along with that, I think a lot of the guys out there really believe in what I can do."

Offensive coordinator Billy Napier is sweating this one out a little bit, of course.

After all, having Parker back means one more returning starter is back for last season - at the most important position on the field no less.

"When the guy is hitting homeruns every other day, it's tough not to (think of Parker leaving)," Napier said.

He's not too worried, though.

"I think it's going to take an unbelievable amount of money and an incredible opportunity for him to go pro," Napier said. "If that were to happen, we adapt." Top Stories