New timeframe for decision

The top in-state prospect for the class of 2011 has decided to push his decision back later than originally planned.

SG Damien Leonard Profile

CUTigers spoke to Willis Holliday, AAU coach of J.L. Mann shooting guard Damien Leonard.

"They want to have an opportunity to get us up on campus. They're going to start recruiting Damien. They really want Damien in a Tiger uniform," Holliday said. "We're going to take Damien up there on a visit. That's something we're talking about right now.

"He's coming up next week to meet with Damien at J.L. Mann."

Sometime after the visit, Holliday said he and Leonard would like to watch a practice or work-out, once permitted.

"We want to see how he is, see how things are going down there," Holliday said.

He's pretty sure that the new coaching staff at Clemson has yet to see Leonard play.

"We're looking at adding two more schools, just in case (Clemson and Wake Forest) those two schools don't pan out. Maybe they don't want Damien…we'll have to wait and see if Damien is the kind of player they want at Clemson," Holliday said.

Leonard has told CUTigers during previous interviews that he has no absolute favorite. According to Holliday, he is now wide-open.

"With all the changes on the coaching staff, Wake Forest was in there at one time. Clemson was in there. Both of them have new coaches," Holliday said. "We were going to make a decision during that July timeframe. Now, I think we're going to try and get out and visit a few more schools."

Wake Forest, Kentucky, Arizona and Oklahoma State are candidates for unofficial visits. With Duke now possibly in the mix now too, Leonard isn't short on options.

Though Holliday wouldn't commit to a date when Leonard would make a decision, he believes that he won't sign until the spring signing period for 2011 graduates. Leonard previously planned to sign this fall. Top Stories