Brownell's contract terms set

CLEMSON – The Clemson University board of trustees approved coach Brad Brownell's contract terms Friday afternoon. On Thursday, the proposal from athletic director Terry Don Phillips received a passing vote from the compensation committee.

In a release from the Clemson athletic department, the 22nd men's basketball coach will earn $900,000 in annual salary, before bonuses.

The buyout paid by the university to Wright State totals $25,000.

His base salary at Clemson is $245,000 a year over six years with a guaranteed outside income (supplemental pay) of $655,000.

Brownell's performance bonus structure has yet to be determined.

The release also said that liquidated damages for both parties are to be 25 percent of total compensation.

Before leaving for DePaul, former Clemson basketball coach earned $1.35 million per year. Top Stories