Rising to the top

Four teams are rising to the top for Scout.com's No. 2 quarterback in the country. CUTigers.com has the latest on Chris LeMay, who is now set to make his latest round of cuts within two weeks.

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Butler High School (Matthews, N.C.) quarterback Christian LeMay won't call it a commitment, because things could always change.

He recently told CUTigers that he'll be naming his favorite sometime within the next two weeks.

The favorite will be named either next Friday (April 30) or a week later (May 7). The favorite, which will be selected from either Clemson, Georgia, Auburn or Texas A&M will be announced at his high school or church—Champion Christian Center.

"I'm just trying to work it out with my family so that it works out well with them," LeMay said of the indecision on which date it will be.

"It's going to be in front of the media. It'll probably be open to the public. Whoever wants to come through can see me name my leader."

LeMay shared his thoughts on each of the schools that he's considering.

Clemson: The atmosphere, the coaching staff, it's a pro-style system. It's a really great place that's close to home, as well. I have people from my school that go there, so I get inside scoop there.

Texas A&M: It's a pro-style system. It's a traditional school that has a whole lot of tradition. The coaches know what NFL scouts are looking for.

Georgia: Me and coach (Mark) Richt have similar faith beliefs. I have a good connection there. Me and Joe (Cox) know each other from the rivalry we have with our two schools. It's close to home. My parents could see me play my home games and travel a little bit for my away games.

Auburn: There are great people, a great staff, a great environment. There's not really much you can say bad about them. They've had the number one offense in the country for two-straight years. They're going in the right direction, especially with a tremendous recruiting class that they signed. They have a lot going on for them.

He'd rather not commit to committing to a school. This fall, he'll still plan on taking other visits.

"Just because I name my leader it isn't a guarantee that I'm going to be there, but it's a pretty good indication of where I'm probably going to end up," LeMay said.

Scout.com rates LeMay with four stars as the No. 2 ranked quarterback in the class of 2011.

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