Posey doing last-minute thinking

The decision has already been made but won't be unveiled to the public until the Tuesday morning commitment announcement at Athens' Clarke Central High School.

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Over the weekend, Alan Posey told CUTigers that he's got one team in mind, although it could change between now and Tuesday morning.

"Tennessee, Clemson, Maryland, Cincinnati and Georgia Tech," he responded, when asked about the schools he'll be choosing between before school starts Tuesday morning.

"It's at 7:45 in the gym at school. I'm just going to say something, pick a school and that's it."

Hats from the five schools will be sitting in front of him while his parents and two brothers standing by in support.

"I have a good idea, but I'm still doing some last minute thinking," Posey said.

Scheduled to graduate in December, he decided to end the process sooner, rather than later.

"My coach said it would be a good idea. It was up to me, but normally, when someone is going to be in school for the whole year, he wouldn't really advise you to do it this way," Posey said. "I always kind of wanted to do it early so I wouldn't be travelling during the summer and in the season."

His main recruiter at Clemson, offensive coordinator Billy Napier, spoke to Posey on Saturday.

"He told me the same thing as last time, there's a great need for tackle. I can be an impact player for four years, win a couple of championships with them—that's their pitch," Posey said. "It's a great opportunity at Clemson. I have to think long and hard about it."

Once the commitment is made, he will be solid with the decision. Posey doesn't plan to budge away from the school he calls out Tuesday morning.

"When I make my decision, I'm done. I'm not going to second-guess it," he said. "You give somebody your word and you stick to it."

Posey called the recruiting process "bittersweet."

"You're the center of attention with coaches and reporters. I'll miss that part of it, but in a way, I won't miss it," Posey said. "I'll be happy to have my school picked out and to be part of whatever school's family."

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