Multiple schools checking on GA ATH

For now, it's not where's it going to be, but what's it going to be? One of the top 2011 athletes in Georgia could play either football or basketball at the next level. Right now, he's not sure of which one.

CB Nick Marshall Profile

Listed by as a four-star quarterback—No. 9 in the class of 2011, Clemson is the only school that's offered Wilcox County High School (Rochelle, Ga.) junior Nick Marshall as a cornerback. Every other football offer is to play quarterback.

Florida State, Georgia, Georgia Tech and Vanderbilt have offered football scholarships. Arkansas, FSU and UGA have sent basketball offers.

CUTigers recently spoke to Wilcox County football coach Mark Ledford for the latest on Marshall.

"The biggest thing now is he's trying to decide if he just wants to do one sport in college and what that sport will be," Ledford said.

As far as Clemson's offer to play cornerback, Ledford doesn't believe Marshall is against the idea of playing on the defensive side of the ball in college.

"I don't think he's closed to the idea, as far as playing (defense). He's had a lot of fun over there on that side of the ball," Ledford said. "That's something that we haven't really discussed since Clemson is the only school to offer him as a defensive back. That was kind of out of the blue."

Since Christian LeMay announced Georgia as his leader last week, Ledford isn't sure whether Clemson will come back and offer Marshall as a quarterback.

"I haven't heard from Clemson since then and I haven't heard from Georgia since early last week," Ledford said. "What anybody is thinking at those schools, I haven't heard."

The player and coach sit down regularly to talk about the process. Ledford's there to provide support and any requested guidance.

"He's not ready to announce anybody and just kind of finish up school right now," he said.

So far during the May evaluation period, several schools have stopped by Wilcox County.

"At practice, we've had Georgia Tech, Florida State and Tennessee. Mississippi State is supposed to come next week to practice," Ledford said. "All of the Georgia coaches called the week before. That's the last I've seen or heard from them. They came through the school, but didn't come to practice."

As a junior, Marshall threw for 2,956 yards and 32 touchdowns, leading Wilcox County to its first-ever state championship. Top Stories