Checking in with Corey Crawford

Clemson defensive backs coach Charlie Harbison has a pair of recruiters working the halls of Carver High School, even during the periods when he can't.

DE Corey Crawford Profile

Defensive end Corey Crawford and offensive lineman David Beasley signed out of Carver for the 2010 cycle, but there's still plenty of talent remaining at the Columbus, Ga. high school.

"We've got Isaiah (Crowell) and Gabe (Wright) and two wide receivers. I try to persuade them to come up there, but it's going to take some time," Crawford said.

Georgia's 3-A defensive player of the year wants to make an early impact on the field upon his arrival to Tigertown. Although the Clemson defensive end depth chart isn't set, and won't be until later this summer during camp, at least four names already on the Tigers' roster stand in the way of Crawford's goal.

"I really want to play when I get up there …I'm just going to have to go hard and show hard and show them that I'm ready to play at the college level of football," Crawford said. "I just want to go show the coaches that I'm ready and just play my best."

He's committing himself this spring to earn playing time as a freshman later this fall.

"I've been trying to follow the book that they gave us, at least by the running part. The running part is kind of hard, but I lift weights on my own and do the running," Crawford said. "I'm working out four days a week at the job I work at. I work at the YMCA."

"It's not that it's difficult, it's just a lot, a lot of running, making it in certain times. It's something that I'm not quite used to yet, but I'm going to get used to it."

Before he enrolls at Clemson, Crawford still has to pick up the needed standardized test score so he can enroll at Clemson later this summer.

"I just took the SAT last Saturday and I'm still waiting on the results. I'm going to take the ACT again in June before I come up and just hope for the best out of that," he said.

When he does arrive, Crawford would like to begin his quest for the next level, beyond college football.

"That's the goal. I'm going to work hard to achieve it. Hopefully I can do well these first three years, these first four years and make it to the next level," he said. Top Stories