Big Buice Pounding Away

The bruiser of Clemson's two running backs signed to the 2010 class, Demont Buice keeps pounding away during his workouts this spring.

RB Demont Buice Profile

From the same hometown as former Clemson coach Danny Ford (Gadsden, Ala.), Buice looks forward to the day he arrives to campus. The 6-foot-2, 205-pound two-time Alabama Mr. Football finalist continues to roll right along, just as he's done during his four years at Gaston High School.

"It's the same thing. I've just been in the weight room. I'm going to lift with our football team during fourth block. I'll do some agility stuff," Buice said. "I'll do some stuff with the book Clemson sent then I'll do some stuff with our football team."

After racking up over 5,000 rushing yards in high school, Buice finished as the No. 68 ranked running back in the class of 2010.

"I'm ready to leave school, but when I go off to college, I'm right back into school, but I guess it all balances out because I'll be back playing football," he said.

Make no mistake about it - Buice hasn't been just a football standout at Gaston. He's also held several positions in student government during his high school days.

"In tenth grade, I was president. Last year I was vice president. I was president this year, of the senior class…and I got prom king," Buice said.

He's also been voted as the most athletic for his class each of the past two years.

Everything appears to be rolling right along in the classroom too.

"As long as I keep my grades up, I'll be good," Buice said. Top Stories