Tigers evaluating another Carver OL

COLUMBUS, Ga. – One of the four prospects CUTigers.com's Hale McGranahan saw at Carver High School last week is still looking for an offer from Clemson, though he already holds several from different points around the country.

OG Quincy McKinney Profile

South Carolina, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, Rutgers, Michigan State, Nebraska, Florida State and Duke have already sent their offers to senior offensive lineman Quincy McKinney.

Right now, there is no favorite and no list of top schools in consideration.

"All the schools that have offered me are even right now," he said.

McKinney admitted he'd like to see one from Clemson.

"I went there three times on unofficial visits," he said. "I saw one of their games last year. They're very impressive as a program because it's good football and great, academic-wise. The campus is beautiful too. They just said they need to watch me a little more."

Carver coach Dell McGee raves about McKinney as a person and the talent that he's displayed on the football field.

"He's got great feet to be his size. He will be improved this year. It was his first year starting last year," McGee said. "I think he probably has the most upside, as far as growth is concerned.

"I don't think we've seen nearly a cap on his level of how well he can play. He's got a real mean streak. He's a nice guy, but he does have a mean streak. He plays with a lot of passion on the football field."

The starting left tackle at Carver, McKinney said half the schools are recruiting him to play tackle and the other half for guard.

"I would prefer to stay at tackle…but I can play all three positions actually," he said.

McGee said McKinney's position would depend on the system he joins.

"It depends on the school and the system. I could see him playing tackle and I could easily see him playing guard. That would be an easier transition," McGee said. "But I could see him playing tackle for certain schools."

McKinney said the earliest time he could commit would be midway through his senior season at Carver.

"I'm just trying to see all the offers I get once school starts. Then, I'll start looking to make a decision then," he said.

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