Steele visits 4-star WR

Clemson defensive coordinator Kevin Steele hit the halls of Christopher Columbus High School in Miami during the spring evaluation period to check in on one of the elite wide receivers in Florida.

WR Tacoi Sumler Profile

"I enjoyed that. It was just pretty much all of the usual things—just coming in and checking on me, getting my transcripts, making sure that I'm staying up on these grades,"< b>Tacoi Sumler told CUTigers about Steele's visit.

The four-star, No. 24 ranked 2011 wide receiver also talked about his plans before he hits the summer recruiting circuit.

For now, the only visits scheduled for the summer are on the West Coast.

"I'm going to visit USC, UCLA, Cal, Stanford and Oregon," Sumler said.

Once he finishes the trip and gets his legs back under him at home, Sumler will then look at scheduling more trips.

"I know my dad wanted me to get back to the Carolinas, to see Clemson and South Carolina," Sumler said, "and probably schools in North Carolina like Wake Forest, or something like that."

He'll also be using the time right after the trip west is over to evaluate some schools.

"I'm definitely, at least going to have a top 10, top five," Sumler said. "After that, I'll be examining a couple of schools and I know what I'm looking for."

Clemson looks primed to move into at least one of those two groups of finalists.

"Clemson is up there with all of those schools. They obviously have an advantage because I went to see the campus and went to the school, everything like that," he said. "I've already got the inside scoop on them.

"They're still up there and open for evaluation. It's looking good for them in the top 10, top five."

The fall and winter months could be busy with a full-slate of official visits.

"I'm looking forward to taking all five of them. If I know where for sure where, I'll be looking where to connect," Sumler said.

A timetable for a final decision has yet to be determined.

"If it takes all the way to signing day, it takes all the way until signing day. If it takes to All-American game and showing it on TV, then it could happen there," he said. "Just whenever I know for sure, that's when I'll know."

Sumler will play in the Under Armour All-American Game. Top Stories