Leonard drops in at Clemson

J.L. Mann shooting guard Damien Leonard stopped by Clemson Tuesday afternoon with AAU basketball coach Willis Holliday to meet with coach Brad Brownell and his staff.

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CUTigers caught up with Holliday for the latest, following the trip to Clemson.

"We owed them a visit," he said. "That's what you do. We were trying to do what's right. The first thing (Brownell) did when he got (to Clemson), he wanted to visit with Damien and start a relationship.

"We haven't had time to go down there. We wanted to be there for a couple of hours. We had a break in the schedule."

"We talked with the staff and talked with the players we know back there. Tanner (Smith), Jerai Grant, (Andre) Young, Noel (Johnson)—we talked with those guys to see how they like the new system and the coaching staff that's there."

What came of the discussions with the Tigers' new staff?

"We heard the same thing. They were talking about how they would use Damien, get him shots, things like that," Holliday said.

Heading into the trip, Leonard had a top five of Clemson, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State and Arizona.

For now, the group remains unchanged.

"Nothing changes in Damien's top five. We're still in the process of moving on and getting into the top three," Holliday said.

After recent unofficial trips to Oklahoma State and Arizona, Leonard is comparing schools of interest this summer. To this point, he's visited Clemson over 15 times, South Carolina four times, Virginia Tech three times The drop-in visit to Clemson was unannounced to the Tigers' staff. Similar trips could be made to the other schools of interest.

"We want to see how it's going to be when Damien is there. It's not sugar-coated…just looking for honesty clarity and fairness," Holliday said. "Right now, we're getting that from these top five schools."

Those five will be cut to three later on this summer.

"I'm going to sit down with Damien and his family and we're going to break down the top three. That's what we're trying to get to," Holliday said.

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