The latest on Kyle Parker spoke in-depth with Carl Parker, father of Kyle Parker, regarding his son's upcoming potential big decision.

Put yourself in the shoes of Carl Parker for a moment.

In the past 10 months, he's watched his son help lead Clemson University to its first-ever Atlantic Division championship on the gridiron. He's also witnessed him slug 20 homeruns and the lead the team in batting average to help the baseball Tigers advance to the College World Series.

And finally he looked on during that same College World Series as his son was selected in the first round of the MLB Draft by the Colorado Rockies.

As you'd expect, he's a proud father, as proud as you'll find, for that matter.

But with all that family pride, there's also plenty going on behind the scenes.

For starters, there's this little decision the Parker family may or may not have to make in the coming days. Perhaps you've heard about it? You know—the possibility that Kyle could sign a multi-million dollar contract with the Rockies and be done playing football at Clemson.

Talking exclusively with CUTigers Monday, Carl Parker said there's a lot still on the table.

"Kyle has done his homework here," he said. "I think that's what people really need to understand. He really has. I think he has a really good plan on what he wants to do. He wants to see what the Rockies have in mind. What are their requests?

"Once that happens, we'll go from there. Everything I get from the Rockies is that they have a number of things to consider. But truthfully, I don't think we've looked at this any differently than they have. We are all on the same page."

What will the Rockies offer? Do they want him bad enough to give him enough money to leave Clemson, S.C. behind?
As has been previously reported by multiple media outlets, it is the Parker's hopes to have a decision in place, one way or another, by next Tuesday, July 20th.

Typically speaking, deals with high-round picks don't get completed until the original deadline for them to get done arrives (Aug. 16). Kyle has appealed to the Player's Association to have the date moved up to July 20, so that all parties (the Parkers, Clemson, the Rockies) know what is going to happen and can proceed from there.

"Usually they wait until the last day because they don't want to drive up the process of signing guys," the elder Parker said. "But they are trying to push along the commissioner's office. We don't have confirmation from the Players' Association just yet.

"But it looks like that's going to happen based on what I've been told."

Assuming the appeal to the Players' association goes through, the Parker family, not to mention every other Clemson fan and Colorado Rockies fan on the planet, is now simply playing the waiting game.

What will the Rockies offer? Do they want him bad enough to give him enough money to leave Clemson behind?

While the answers to those questions are largely unknown, once the Rockies make a move, things could begin to move quickly.

"Yes we are waiting right now," Parker said. "As far as the deal goes - let the people who figure that kind of thing out figure out what it is. Once we know something, Dabo [Swinney] will be the first to know. He's always been the first to know through all of this. People's jobs are relying on this decision and we know that. "

"But they are going through the process right now on their end and then it has to be approved by the commissioner. Every deal happens does not get finalized before the commissioner finalizes it. Not every deal gets approved so that plays a role in all of this as well."

Helping his son formulate a decision, Carl said a recent trip to visit the Rockies two weeks ago went about as well as could be expected.

"Everybody at Clemson and with the Rockies organization has been great throughout all of this. We had a very good visit in Colorado two weeks ago and walked away with a great impression about the people. Policy and procedure is one thing but when you deal with people it's a different deal. The owners there are really down to earth people. They are just regular guys and had their flip flops on and shorts and they were very open about everything," he said.

Helping his son formulate a decision, Carl said a recent trip to visit the Rockies two weeks ago went about as well as could be expected.
"We had great conversations with [Manager] Jim Tracy and Todd Helton [who also played college football]. Todd Helton was a riot but was all business by the time it was game time. They put us in their suite behind home plate and that was refreshing."

At Clemson, he knows exactly what Kyle's dealing with there as well.

"Dabo and Billy [Napier] have been nothing but supportive throughout this whole process and they've always been forthright with us. So when we know something, we'll let them know first. But they've been great throughout this whole process," he said.

Of course, keep in mind a lot of this also boils down to simply what his son wants to do. Lost in the complex negotiations of a first-round draft pick are the hopes and dreams of a young man, one who originally signed with Clemson to play two sports—football and baseball.

Remember, Kyle likes playing both sports—always has.

"Kyle had I had lengthy discussions out in Omaha and we said he just needed to get away without worrying about things and that's what he's done," Parker said. "You know, the last two and half years he's only had about two weeks off so it was important for him to get some rest and relax.

"We got him a new phone and told him, ‘Go be with your friends. Go see who you want to go see and relax.' So that's what he's been doing. Right now he's in Jacksonville after visiting with us up here in Augusta for a week and he's enjoying himself.

"But there are times in your life when you have to make difficult decisions and just kind of grow up. There's a mental side and an emotional side of what is taking place and that's what he is faced with right now."

Once Kyle makes that decision, he'll likely hold two press conferences, one with the Clemson media and another with the Rockies.

"I think Coach Swinney has asked him to do that," Parker said. "We want to be able to express to everyone thanks for the opportunities or that we are looking forward to coming back so we'll likely hold something with the Clemson group and then something with the Rockies and the AP."

So now comes the fun part— the waiting.

Will Colorado offer him enough money to walk away from the other sport he loves so much? Will a football-crazed fan base be celebrating in the streets at the triumphant return of its starting quarterback or saddened by the fear of the unknown if he leaves for the pros?

No one knows just yet, but a proud father is waiting in the wings to try and help his son figure it all out. Top Stories