Swinney discusses Parker situation

SUNSET, S.C. - Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney talks Kyle Parker's upcoming decision at his annual media golf tournament. According to the head man himself, a decision will be made before Tuesday is over.


Thoughts on Kyle Parker
Swinney: "Don't know anything other than when I go to bed tonight I will know [what Parker is doint]. this is a really unique process that I will probably never deal with again as a coach. I appreciate the Parkers. They've been great first of all. They've been very informative to me and have kept me in the loop the last couple of weeks.

"I'm very glad they set today as the deadline. It's not necessarily a deadline for baseball, but for football. If he's going to play football he has to get ready. If not, then has to move on.

"It may be 11:59 but at some point today I hope that we will have a decision on what he will do from a football standpoint. There's a lot of factors that go into this whole decision and process."

Has this process been as difficult as the C.J. Spiller situation last year before he announced?
Swinney: It's very similar although that wasn't as drawn out a process. And we weren't dealing with a professional sport from another league that had made him a top pick. But similar in some regards.

Do you have any lean as to which way this thing will go down?
Swinney: "I've said from day one I'd be surprised if he's not playing for the Tigers this year. There are certain things you don't control and we'll see what happens. It's been 50-50 from day one and I don't have any information that tells me it's not that at this point. It may already be done, I don't know."

"I think the Parkers have been up front- but the bottom line if he walks away from football he's walking away from a sport he's pretty good and he's walking away from a professional career as well. There has to be a value placed on that."

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