Making the adjustment

CLEMSON – Darius Robinson is one of several freshman cornerbacks signed with the 2010 Clemson recruiting class that's vying for playing time this fall.

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Robinson, a former three-star by, was one of four corners signed by the Tigers last February.

"It's all about the coaches' decision," Robinson said after Thursday's skills and drills workout. "It's our job to just go out there and work hard. If they need us, then we've got to be ready to play."

The Offense-Defense All-American Bowl participant is adjusting to the college game under the tutelage of a tight-knit group of upperclassmen.

"It's been a good experience, just getting out here and building a relationship with my teammates," he said. "The upperclassmen are teaching us a lot. [Byron] Maxwell, [Marcus] Gilchrist—all them boys have been coaching us up, trying to get us right—getting the players in the right position to help the team as best as possible."

Gilchrist's talents have impressed Robinson the most since his arrival to Tigertown.

"I'm doing good. You know everyone gets beat, so I got beat a couple of times," Robinson said. "But I'm giving it to them too."
"I think he's the next great DB out of Clemson—him and D-Mac. Gilchrist stands out a lot. He stands all his drills right and precise," Robinson said.

The same guy who wowed Clemson fans with his swagger in recruiting interviews admitted that he hasn't exactly dominated the competition in the Tuesday/Thursday field workouts.

"I'm doing good. You know everyone gets beat, so I got beat a couple of times," Robinson said. "But I'm giving it to them too."

A standout at Atlanta's Westlake High School, he spent the majority of his high school career as one of the top prep players in the middle of a football hotbed. Now he's just another freshman.

"It's a big adjustment, but you've just got to be humble and know that everybody has been through this process," Robinson said.

He's also adjusting to the rigors of college life.

"It's not that it's really tougher, you just have to do your homework. In high school, you could just go home and kick to the side and do it at a later time. Here, you have to really be on your homework," he said.

Robinson lives with fellow freshmen Justin Parker, Tavaris Barnes and Tra Thomas.

"It's cool. All of us are getting a bond. Me and Justin have been knowing each other for a while now. I'm closer to him than anybody else. It's a good just building a relationship with your team," he said. Top Stories