Clemson 'all good' with 4-star OLB

Things have calmed down in the recruitment of one of the state's top linebackers, but he's still one of the most wanted prospects out of South Carolina in the class of 2011.

OLB Lateek Townsend Profile

CUTigers recently caught up with Marlboro County High School outside linebacker Lateek Townsend.

The rising senior held off on naming any favorites because he admitted lists frequently change.

"People are always asking me about my top-five, but it changes about every other week," he said. "Every school that looks at me, I look at them. The schools that look at me more, I look at them more. I kind of see it like that right now."

Clemson remains in good standing.

"I'm feeling pretty good about Clemson. I already know everything about Clemson" he said. "Clemson is still there itself. There's not too much I can really say about them. I know it's a good place. I like Clemson.

"Everything is all good with Clemson."

Townsend is certain of a few things as he looks to find a school that suits his favor.

"I know at about any school you can get a good education. That isn't going to be a problem. The main thing I'm looking at is the type of place I'm going to go to," he said. "If there are good people and I've got a vibe—a good feel for the people, to make sure everything goes right. If I go somewhere and they don't have people behind me and people that care for me, football's not going to be as good as it can be.

"I want a great place with great people. Everything else will take care of itself."

The decision will be announced at the US Army All-American Bowl.

"I may have my mind made on where I'm going to go. Let's just say if, in about a month or two from now I find a place that's what I want, I'm not going to let it out until the US Army game," Townsend said. "That way I can have more time to think about it."

As a junior, he racked up 189 tackles, 14 sacks and 11 interceptions.

"I'm going to be taking some unofficial and officials…I can't really say to who until it happens. A lot of stuff happens and things get postponed, moved around—that sort of stuff," Townsend said. Top Stories