CUTigersTV: DeAndre McDaniel

CLEMSON - Senior safety DeAndre McDaniel talks about the start of preseason camp.

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CUTigersTV: DeAndre McDaniel

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What does it mean for you to come back for your senior season?
McDaniel: Every day I come out here I try to get better. That's the focus. We come out here and work hard but the goal is to get better.

You've talked about how close this team is, but how much pressure is on you, coming back, to lead this team back to the ACC Championship game?
McDaniel: We got a lot of guys returning. But like Coach Steele said today the word of the day is cohesion. That's all of us sticking together. We are going to be with each other through thick and thin.

How much did last year's loss in Tampa serve as a motivator for you this offseason and now this preseason?
McDaniel: That loss motivates everybody who played last year in that game. That's our main focus- we want to play one game at a time and get back there and try to win it this time.

Is camp officially underway for you or does it start in your mind when you can start hitting people?
McDaniel: I save that for the games. When I'm out here with my teammates I want them to make it to the games. We are just going to have fun out here and continue to work hard.

At Media Days Dabo told the story about how you were ready to come home after being at Hargrave. How much have you grown up since then?
McDaniel: I mean, I was younger then. That military style school - that's something I wasn't used to so I was ready to go home. But after talking to Coach Swinney and making it through Hargrave everything has worked out pretty well since then. Top Stories