CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about the second day of practice with the media.

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CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

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OPENING STATEMENT: It was a good night. I thought we got better tonight in some of the things we talked about yesterday as far as practicing the right way. The guys did an excellent job as far as tempo. It's hard to do things in shorts but our young guys kind of caught on a little better today. But we talked about ownership, taking ownership. Demanding things being done a certain way instead of a coach demanding it. I saw some of that. It's good to hear the veteran guys talking to the younger guys. We got better in that regard. It was a tough practice. Lot of cramps because it was hot out there.

But there's just no short cuts. There's nothing easy about it. I know this - if the guys are willing to pay the price it will be worth it. That I know. We are just trying to concentrate on having a humble work ethic every day a daily focus on our commitment we'll keep getting better.

ON TOUGHNESS: There's no question we are a tougher team today than when we started last year. There's no doubt. Part of that is getting through a season and getting a year under your belt in every area of your program. We are not where I want us to be but we've made great strides. My goal for this team is- you know - sometimes the kick may go wide left, or we miss a throw, but I know this - there should be no question who the toughest team on the field is and that's the Clemson Tigers. We aren't there yet but we are working on it. That's the progress of a true championship team.

"Leadership is about excellence, not about age."

ON THE KICKING GAME: It's too early (to tell). Guys are getting back in the groove as far as kicking and punting. We'll hold judgment until we see a live rush. I am encouraged with our returners. I think we'll have several guys that can return the ball. I really do. We've got some young guys I'm anxious to watch as we go through camp. I think we'll be just fine there.

ON THE RECEIVERS: Have been very solid. They've worked hard this summer. They are practicing with a chip on their shoulder. We got talent there. If you give talent opportunity usually good things will happen. We have had a lot of guys that have been waiting on an opportunity and here it is. It's been a good couple of days for them.

ON ANDRE ELLINGTON, JAMIE HARPER: Well both of them have really, really grown. Jamie has played two years. Andre redshirted and had to fight through that. Both of them had success last year and made mistakes. Mentally they are different guys. Physically they are different guys. They both have a sense of urgency to them- 'hey our time is now.' I'm sure when C.J. announced he was coming back I'm sure there was some of that 'dad-gum it they are coming back.' I'm really pleased those two. I'm really pleased both of those guys have tried to lead.

Leadership is about excellence, not about age. I'm pleased both of them are committed to excellence and that they want to answer the bell this year and that 'hey we are pretty good players to' and not worry about who's not here anymore. Both have done a good job. It's behind them where things get interesting. Top Stories