CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about the third day of practice as the Tigers put on shells for the first time.

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CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

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OPENING STATEMENT: First day of shells on. Still not quite into full pads yet. We were able to bring on the physical aspect a little bit more today. The biggest thing that you find out when you start banging and clanging a little bit is the mental part of it. Who can process it when the physical part comes into play? We had a few guys who made some mistakes today and were a little disappointing. But all in all, very good intensity. We've got a very competitive bunch on both sides. That's good to see. Love the spirit of what I saw.

MORE ON THE WIDE RECEIVERS: Everybody is calling that the question mark. That's what everybody is wondering about. I'm not real concerned about it because I see how they are working. It's a very very close group. They are all having great moments. They really are. They've all had their share of good plays and that's what you want. You want it to be highly competitive. When you get that- you are going to bring out the best (in the team). They aren't making mistakes and they are catching the ball well.

Dye and Ashe have the most experience but they've backed up some good players most of their careers. There are some great opportunities there. I hope it continues how it's going where we'll have several guys that are going warrant the opportunity to play and touch the ball. We'll have some nice depth and some competitive depth. They are doing a good job.

ON WHICH UNIT HE'S MOST IMPRESSED WITH: If I had to say which group I'm most pleased with right now on the team it would be the DBs. They are just doing a great job. Playing fast. Playing with confidence. When they are getting their hands on the ball they are extremely competitive. I'm really pleased with what I see. Really competitive.

ON KALON DAVIS: Physically he's changed quite a bit. He's matured a lot mentally too. He's in the mix for us right now. I really like Kalon. He's a smart, young player and he's getting an opportunity. He's doing okay. We still have a long ways to go so we'll see where we are in two weeks but he's off to a good start.

ON DEPTH ON THE OFFENSIVE LINE: Again it's the first day in shells but who is No. 7, 8 and 9? That's Phillip Price. That's Brandon Thomas. It's Matt Sanders. It's his time. Matt Sanders needs to help us. He's a sophomore now and it's his time. He's been around. He's got all the skills you'd want in recruiting an offensive lineman. I'm real pleased with Brandon Thomas. I think he's got a real bright future. Phillip Price is 295 pounds now and the game has slowed down for him. The first six guys I feel very good about- seven, eight nine- that's what we are looking for.

MORE ON TEAM TOUGHNESS: It's a contact sport. Otherwise you'd just go out to the track field and sign them up. This is a physical game. That's what separates all those measureables from good football players. That's the fun part for me. When you have a highly competitive situation with guys that have a lot of pride in their job and their performance- that's going to make you tougher and better. Then when you have a bunch of coaches who provide no shade for anybody out there and that are demanding things to be done in a certain way ... you either do it right or your role gets lessened on the team.

DOES THE STAFF RECRUIT TO THAT TOUGHNESS SPECIFICALLY? That's a big part of recruiting - competitive toughness. What kind of program they come from? How they carry themselves everyday in practice. We have to correct and coach things here but I definitely think there are intangibles from a football standpoint that you have to go recruit to the team. Top Stories