CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about the fourth day of practice as the Tigers get set to go full gear Saturday.

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CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

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OPENING COMMENTS: Good day. Good practice. Got a lot done. Anxious to get the full gear on tomorrow. The thing I'm really pleased with is we've had a lot of competitive work. Both sides have really bought into practicing the right way. Overall it's been really good. The veterans have set the standards. We've got some young guys that still got to catch on with practice and what our standard is. Other than that, I'm pleased with where we are. Trucking along. This team has a blue collar work ethic and I like that.

LOOKING FOR ON SATURDAY: Energy, excitement. We've been wide open, but it's been a thud, no take them to the ground tempo. Tomorrow, we'll cut it loose. I'm anxious to see. Sometimes, is it a tackle is it not? When you're in thud you're not really sure. Who's missing tackles? Who's making tackles? Those are the type of things we're looking for. It'll be a fun practice. I can't wait to get out here.

EVALUATING WORK IN FULL PADS: The way we practice in shells, it's violent, full thrashing. The way these guys are moving. The biggest thing is everybody is trying to stay up. Sometimes guys end up on the ground. You're not finishing tackles. You're hitting them full speed and thudding them up…it's kind of like the quarterback. We don't hit him in practice, but in the game, you may call it a sack in practice, that doesn't necessarily mean it's a sack in a game. There's a lot of things that come with full speed, live football.

EFFICIENCY ON THE PRACTICE FIELD: This is the acclimatization period. You have certain among of time you can have them. We try to maximize while we can. Once we get into a true camp schedule, starting Monday, the practices won't be as long. We'll cu t back and then you'll have to start watching their legs. We're doing a lot of installing on offense and defense, both sides. There's a lot of meeting times and trying to maximize the times.

CATCHING COACH'S EYE: I've told the team afterwards today, there are certain guys that I can just see that are on a mission. There are certain guys, if you didn't know anything about them, and you just walked up and walked practice, you'd say that guy right there, number such and such, that sucker is on a mission. We've got a bunch of guys like that. That's one of the things that I like. If you've got enough of those guys and they bring some with them, they develop a personality as a team. They're tough, focused, disciplined and they're about the right thing. I'm seeing that with several of our core guys. We've got a great opportunity. We're going to play a difficult schedule. We've got five top-25 teams, preseason, that we're going to play. What a great opportunity. It's going to take a real commitment. I see a lot of guys making each other better…I see Andre Branch and Chris Hairston making each other better in practice. Win some lose some, they're making each other better…I'm pleased with their spirit. Top Stories