Crosby Done at Clemson?

Roscoe Crosby, one of the top recruits ever signed by Tommy Bowden, has probably played his last down of football at Clemson University. Crosby will leave Tiger Town early next week to focus on his baseball career with the Kansas City Royals.

In a move that should hardly be surprising, Roscoe Crosby will leave Clemson University in hopes of resuming his baseball career full time with the Kansas City Royals organization, learned Thursday.

Crosby, who will finish his career with 27 receptions for 465 yards and 4 touchdowns, will withdraw from Clemson Monday to leave for Arizona.

By withdrawing from Clemson, he will not have the option of returning to play football next year.

Former wide receivers' coach Rick Stockstill hinted to last month that Crosby's future at Clemson could be over.

"They could come in and offer him something that may be too good to pass up," Stockstill said at the time. "And even if he doesn't accept that, they could come right back and offer him a little more. So there's still a lot to be determined there."

"I think you could say that Roscoe has a lot of work to do if he's going to play football for us this fall. He's still recovering from surgery and he's got his work to do in the classroom," added Coach Stockstill.

Roscoe was of the highest profile recruits ever to sign with Clemson, but he went through and up-and-down freshman year, suffering through a knee injury against Wofford, and a broken nose in a post game celebration at Georgia Tech.

After finishing up the first season of his collegiate career, Roscoe turned back to baseball, and the $1.75M contract he signed with the Royals out of high school. It was then when it was determined that it might be best for him to go ahead and fix an elbow problem that had been plaguing him since his days at Union.

Crosby had his ulnar collateral ligament repaired in his right elbow last summer after it became apparent to the Royals that he was having difficulty simply throwing a baseball from the outfield to home plate.

After having successful surgery last June, Crosby was able to get a medical release from Clemson for the fall semester of 2002. He then decided to come back this spring to try and complete enough course work to play football next fall.

Obviously, that's no longer going to happen. Top Stories