CUTigersTV: Kevin Steele

CLEMSON - Defensive coordinator Kevin Steele talks about his defense after Tuesday's scrimmage.

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CUTigersTV: Kevin Steele

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OPENING COMMENTS: The first scrimmage is always very interesting because we focus on the process and you let them go out there and play on their own like a game. The attack, the first group, we were effective against the rush - giving up just 2.4 yards per carry, which is pretty substantial. Third down- we won 75 percent on third down so that's effective. We did have two plays on them where we had a boot or a waggle over the top and they caught the ball. Other than that we got it stopped.

Then we had the ball down in the red zone, it wasn't a drive, we just put it down there and we had a pass rush lane and a guy just slipped and fell down. He's got to stay up. We were in man coverage so we had no zoners in there.

But the attack, they probably picked up where they left off in the spring and probably picked it up some. Top Stories