CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks after Wednesday morning's practice.

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CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

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OPENING COMMENTS: That was a very good start to two-a-days. Really good practice. Especially coming off a scrimmage. I was impressed with their energy. They came to work and they were clocked in. Thought we had good leadership push-through. Worked a little bit on the passing game today with some skelly situations. Did some situational stuff, finishing practice with a second-and-7 and third-and-whatever. Some good on good situations. No. 10 and No. 11 were throwing darts. I told them whatever they had for breakfast they need to have that tomorrow. They were impressive and the wide outs were finishing plays.

The film from yesterday was about what I thought walking off the field. It was better than most scrimmages I've been around. There wasn't a lot of crud- as far as just procedure issues and stuff like that, offside penalties. Good on good was very competitive. When it was first group on the second group the first group dominated pretty good. That's what you expect for the first time out. A lot of guys got a chance to see things on film they can correct. They are all trying to become complete players. Not just understanding what they are doing, but why they are doing it as it relates to the big picture. That's where we have to continue to mature a little bit. But overall, pleased with what we saw on film and looking forward to the next few days and see where we are Saturday at the next scrimmage.

GROUPS THAT STOOD OUT YESTERDAY: I wasn't disappointed with any group. I can't say enough about our offensive line. That first group is really coming on. Probably the guy that has been the most pleasant surprise during fall camp has been Phillip Price. He's really making himself relevant. Defensively we got our hands on the ball a couple of times. I thought that Tig Willard did some good things. The D-line, the first group was there. We have to develop dependable depth. It's one thing to look good but you have to play good. We've got guys that look good, now they have to play good. They are all working through camp the way you'd want them to.

THOUGHTS ON BRANDON THOMAS: Brandon Thomas- it's pretty hard not to recognize his skill set. He's got great feet. He's strong. He's got good weight. He's got a great future and his attitude his great. He's got a great opportunity- a lot like Chris Hairston did when he backed up Barry Richardson. He's learning from one of the best left tackles we had here in a long long time. He comes to work every day. He takes pride in his job and makes other people better.

ON KYLE PARKER: He looks like Fran Tarkenton out there. He's got a new chin strap and I said that looks like Fran Tarkenton. He asked me, "Who's that?" I said, "What about Joe Theisman?" He said, "the announcer?" I told him he needed to look those guys up. He had a great day. Him and No. 10, (Boyd) whatever they had for breakfast, we need to figure out what it was and make sure everybody gets it, because the both of them were incredible out there today. Just throwing darts out there- it was great to see.

ON THE TEAM GOING TO BAMBERG FRIDAY: It was an easy decision because we were going to do a team outing Friday afternoon. That was our camp plan. I think this is the best situation because there are a lot of guys on this team that are close to Da'Quan and close to his dad as well. You know, we are a family and football is important but this is much more important than football. Probably have 70 guys or so who are going to. We'll get an opportunity going down Friday to spend some time with Da'Quan. Hopefully it will be good for him and the team. That's really what they wanted to do and I have no problem with it. We want to make sure he knows we have a lot of family support here as well waiting on him when he decides to come back. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family and his two sisters. Top Stories