Swinney discusses Friday's practice

CLEMSON – Dabo Swinney and the Tigers closed Friday morning's practice shortly after noon.


OPENING STATEMENT: I kind of challenged them this morning. We had to go late last night. It was a quick turnaround with meetings at 7:45 this morning. I challenged them as far as their attitudes and having the right perspective coming to work this morning. You could be like a bunch of ducks and quack and complain or you can be like an eagle and soar above everything. I thought that they pushed through really good this morning. It was a good, tough practice—a lot of red zone and green emphasis today. I thought we got good work on both sides. That's an area we're going to have to get better in, if we're going to be where we want to be. We've got to score points and keep the other team from scoring touchdowns. You've got to spend a lot of time on that. The team's going to go in and shower. We're going to get on the buses and head down to see Da'Quan. I know he's looking forward to seeing everybody come down. We're going to spend some time with him and embrace him as part of our family. We'll come back and get ready for our scrimmage tomorrow. Hopefully we'll see some guys show some consistency. There were some guys who did some really good things in that scrimmage Tuesday. We'll see if they can put it show up again and be consistent. The guys that made some mistakes, have they corrected it? Can they cut those things down? Those are things you're looking for tomorrow. Tomorrow will be the first time we'll do some two-minute and goal line situation live in the stadium. We practiced it this week. I'm anxious to see that out there as well.

RETIRING 28: That's something we decided to do back in December. We talked about it. We obviously didn't know where he was going to get drafted. Once he got drafted, we set the date because we found out what his open date is going to be. He's awful excited about it. He's going to be back here. We talked about doing it in the spring. I think he should be embraced in Death Valley. That's where he's done his magic. He's one of the best that's ever been here. We're awful glad to embrace him in that we and we're looking forward for him to be back with us that weekend with his family and hopefully having a real special time.

BONDING ON THE WAY TO BAMBERG: Anytime you spend some time together as a team away from the field, I think that you have the opportunity to grow closer. We do things like that from time to time just for that reason. Otherwise, your setting never changes, other than a meeting room and a practice field. This is an unfortunate thing. We were actually going to have another team outing, but one of our family members is hurting right now. We're going to try to embrace him and lift him up and encourage him. Hopefully through all of that we can become a closer football team than we already are.

SAM COOPER: It's still too early. He probably could (help). But he's got some guys in front of him that are really performing well. I can't say enough about Drew Traylor. That's why you don't write guys off. That's why you don't quit on people. He was one that I wasn't sure would ever man up and do what he needed to do to be a contributor. He's bought in and he worked his tail off in the spring, on and off the field. He's had his best ever summer and he's taking advantage of his opportunity. He's had an excellent camp and so has Darrell Smith. Kasey Nobles has been a solid guy. Sam's competing at that Y-spot. Drew's just played better right now. Sam's come along, going to be a really good player. But we don't play for three weeks. We've still got a long way to go before we start determining who's going to play and who's not right now.

WIDE RECEIVERS: I'm not disappointed with anybody we have right now. I've not always been able to say that. They're really all pushing through. Coach Scott has got a good rotation. I like how he's challenging them and working them. Nobody's really in the comfort zone of, hey I'm a starter mentality. They're all having to compete every day. So far, it's been a really good camp. All of those guys have had good days. I'm not disappointed with any of them. If we played today, we've got six or seven guys that deserve to play. That's a good thing.

BRYCE MCNEAL: He's tougher, mentally. He's obviously learning what to do. He's never played. I don't care how much you coach them or how much you prepare them. Until you've played it's hard to figure it out—the speed of the game and all that kind of stuff. He is very fast and has tremendous natural instincts, as far as creating space and getting open. He plays really long and has good ball skills. The biggest thing is physically, how he's grown. He was so small last year. He's stronger and much better at being able to bounce off of people and not getting re-routed—things like that. I'm proud of Bryce. He's had a good camp.

DWAYNE ALLEN: I don't ever hear him. Used to, you couldn't ever make it through a period without hearing hm. I never hear him. I just see him all the time. I never hear him. He's working extremely hard. The thing I'm most proud about Dwayne, he's trying to be a complete player. He has really bought into his technique, pass protection, run blocking, route running—he's trying to put it all together and be a complete player, a lot like Michael Palmer was. Last year was a kind of an eye opening experience in being around a guy like Michael…Dwayne has been a joy to be around every day. He's on his way to having a great year.

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