Saturday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney discusses Saturday's scrimmage.


OPENING STATEMENT: I thought it was a good second scrimmage. There was a lot of progress offensively. I thought it was very crisp, very polished. That was good to see. I don't think we had a single penalty in the first two groups. Ran the ball well, threw the ball well. KP was sharp. Tajh did a lot of good things, as well. All the backs ran hard. Had several guys step up and make some big plays. A bunch of big plays. Protected well, too. Probably the biggest disappointment was we didn't make a fourth and inches one time. In two minute, we had a couple of little blunders with our second group. We had two missed center, quarterback exchanges. That just can't happen. We can't have one all year. Other than that, I think the offensive performed well. Defensively, we did some really good things. We got better in the red zone defense. There was a tremendous play on fourth and inches, had a big stop right there. Did a good job in two-minute. All in all, just too many big plays…we had some real busts. A good offense will take advantage of that. That's what these guys did. Had some missed tackles in critical situations…we've got to get off the field. To do that, we've got to minimize the big plays, not have [missed assignments] and missed tackles. We had some of that today. We had a few guys out. We didn't kick the ball extremely well today. We've still got a lot of competition going on over there. We'll watch the film, grade it and watch it again tomorrow night and get ready for tomorrow night.

ROD MCDOWELL: He's been a real pleasant surprise to me. I just didn't think he had a good spring. Really challenged. He was very average in the spring. We challenged him and he's responded. He's a good football player. He worked his tail off this summer. It's good to see a young guy like that get the benefit and reap some rewards from hard work. It's because he's bought in and doing things the way we asked him. He's playing with a lot more toughness. He's running hard.

THE FIRST GROUPS: I think we feel really good about our first groups, on both sides, especially when we have everybody going and healthy. We've got a bunch of good players in our second group. We just have to be a little more dependable—dependable depth. Several of them are as capable as our front line guys, but they're not quite as dependable or consistent as that guy. We've got to get them there so we can have the depth to hold up and have a chance to win a lot of ball games.

FIRST TEAM RECEIVERS: We've got seven guys rolling in and out right now. Flip a coin and we've got rotation of who starts out. One period it's one group. One period it's another group. I couldn't tell you who started today. I think Marquan [Jones], [Xavier] Dye and I think Jaron [Brown]. Terrance [Ashe] had an excellent day. I've said it several times, the receivers have been very consistent this whole camp. They really have probably had one bad day. I think that's a result of competition. We've got a bunch of guys competing I'm not disappointed in any of them. The two young guys are learning and getting better. We've got a nice situation and good chemistry. We've got a lot of opportunities for several guys to step up. I'm confident, based on what I've seen this spring and what I've seen in camp, they're just fine.

THE BIG PICTURE: We've gotten a lot of work done. We're not game ready. We've still got a lot of things we've got to clean up—a lot of things, from a situation standpoint, to cover mentally to get them ready to go play a game. That's how our schedule is set up. We're right on schedule. I really like this team. I think they've come to work every day. They've had good attitudes and just kind of been real workman-like and easy to coach.

OFFENSE AT THIS TIME A YEAR AGO: We're much further ahead than where we were last year. It's year two in the system. We've got a bunch of linemen up front that have been playing together for three years now, a lot of them. They're just better players. Smarter players. When you're a smarter player with talent, that's usually a good thing.

SIGNS OF FATIGUE: Maybe just a little bit. They pushed through it. Nobody's got fresh legs two weeks into camp. That's just part of it. You've got to go do your job. They'll get a little rest tonight and come back tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a day of meetings. We won't do anything physical and hopefully have a good two-a-day Monday, a scrimmage-type situation Tuesday and they'll start class Wednesday. We still have two and a half weeks to get on a normal routine and get ready to play. Top Stories