Hopkins makes adjustment

CLEMSON – DeAndre Hopkins dropped a surefire touchdown pass in Clemson's first intra-squad stadium scrimmage on Tuesday.

Five days later, he finished a 50-yard go-route in the end zone with the ball in his hands.

Wide receivers coach Jeff Scott was pleased to see the former Scout.com four-star catch a touchdown pass from Michael Wade during Saturday's scrimmage.

"The biggest thing I was proud of there, it was the exact same play, the exact same situation as last Tuesday's scrimmage when DeAndre didn't make the catch," Scott said. "We go into the film room, watch his release, the way he leans on a guy and he comes back four day later and makes a play."

Hopkins, who made his name on the gridiron right around the corner at Daniel High School, finally lived the dream of scoring a touchdown in Death Valley.

"It was just a dream to catch a touchdown. It felt great coming out here and my first touchdown being a 50-yard pass," he said.

Hopkins credited the play to the coaching points he received during the week.

"Coach Scott told me what to do differently on that ball, when it's coming to me and how the DB is playing me," he said. "I just adjusted to the ball and it was a touchdown."

Though Scott hasn't guaranteed that Hopkins would avoid a redshirt this fall, he hinted that it could be the case, in part because Hopkins is considered the "most physical" blocker in the wide receiver group.

But there's still plenty for him to learn. After all, he's still only a freshman.

"I really don't know how close I am, but I'm learning things a lot better," Hopkins said.

He proved on Saturday that he's started to grasp the play making aspect of playing wide receiver.

"That's what fall camp is all about, especially for a young player learning a position," Scott said. "When you see those kinds of things, that's what kind of gives you hope for the young guys."

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