Monday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON – Head coach Dabo Swinney meets with the media after Monday morning's practice.


ON SATURDAY'S SCRIMMAGE: Offensively, the film showed exactly what I thought. Very crisp, no penalties. They didn't give up any bad sacks in our open field scrimmage situation. We had one in two-minute there. It was a good tape. It's very competitive on both sides. You talk about iron sharpening iron, that's what we've got going on right now. Two groups take a lot of pride in what they're trying to get accomplished out there. I just think we're getting better as a football team. Some days you win some battles, some you don't. I think we've got two good first groups that really battle hard. Tomorrow, we'll mix it up a little bit more and see how that plays out in the scrimmage.

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT?: Some days it's long. Some days it's more comments. I try not to disrupt the flow of practice. There are things that I need to address with the staff, so I'll make notes and comments to cover. I like to keep the tempo going. I don't like to slow things down, if I can help. Sometimes, I can't help it. I'm always thinking and looking at things for the big picture. That's one of the things I do enjoy, seeing everything and not just dialed in on one segment, like the coaches are trying to get their areas ready.

KYLE PARKER NOT SCRIMMAGING: He's got a lot of things to take care of. This thing is probably going to go until late tonight. He's going to be in Augusta with his family and we're going to scrimmage at 9:45. He'll be back tomorrow, but he won't be at the scrimmage. Assuming he gets stuff worked out tonight, he's got a lot of things he's got to get taken care of tomorrow morning, banks and just stuff. He doesn't have anywhere to live right now. He's living like a gypsy, floating around place to place. He's got to get his living arrangements all situated, all that kind of stuff. We'll go to work tomorrow with the guys we've got. I'm looking forward to it. It's a good opportunity for our other quarterbacks to get a taste of being with the first group.

SCHOLARSHIP STATUS: It's interesting. He could do either. I don't really care what he does. I'm really just letting it up to him. That's all a part of the negotiations that I'm sure he and his dad will be discussing with the team. He could stay on scholarship or he could come off. It's how they negotiate and what's the best option for him. If it's better for him to come off, financially, I think that's what he'll do. If it's better for him to stay on, he'll do that. I don't know how all that stuff works. We've got a scholarship for him, though. We're going to hang on to that. He'll have the option, whichever way he wants to go. If he does come off, then we'll adjust.

RELIEF WHEN IT'S OVER: He's been great. It was a relief for me on July 20th. I remember that night, 12:15 a.m. That's when I was relieved. He's been great. There have been no signs of his mind being anywhere other than where he's been. Whether that's in pass skele, scrimmage. He's been all ball. He's really practiced well. He's had a great camp.

PLACE KICKING: It's cloudy. I would say, right now it's [Chandler] Catanzaro, if we played today. I think he's 94 percent in 30-40 throughout the whole camp. I think he's 78 percent on all of camp. Spencer [Benton] is the second and Richard [Jackson] is the third, just from percentages, where they are today. We'll keep on keeping on. We don't play for three weeks. We've got a lot of ball left to go. It could go up or down. Right now, Catanzaro has been, by far, the most consistent guy. We'll keep going.

SEPARATION AT KICKER: Catanzaro has separated. He's well out in front of the other two. Spencer is second, from a percentage standpoint. That's kind of what I told him. He's a young guy that hasn't played. If it's close, I'm going with a guy that's been there before. He's got to win the job and knock ‘em out, if we're going to run him out there first. If we had to play today, that's who I'd send out there, because he's earned it on the practice field. You talk about earning it, that's what that young man has done. He's earned it. Ninety-four percent between the 30 and 40. Seventy-eight percent out of all the kicks. We'll just kind of continue to let them compete. Again, those guys can come up, he can come down. If it's close, I'm going with a veteran. If it's not, I'm not afraid to play a freshman. We'll throw him out there.

IMPROVEMENT FOR BOYD: Taking what's there, really just quarterbacking the offense. He had some things the other day, he knows what to do, but sometimes just not process it as quick as we're used to and not hit the check down. He'll want to throw that homerun ball instead of seeing the underneath coverage and the flat guy. Check the ball down and move the chains. He's had a very good camp. He's light years ahead of where he was in the spring. It's little things. He had a miss on the formation the other day and got a little confused on the formation, picked the wrong side. It's just freshman-type stuff. Hopefully just see him continue to grow and clean up some of the mistakes that he really shouldn't make. The quarterback exchange between the safety and center. Top Stories