CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney discusses Tuesday morning's scrimmage as the Tigers conclude preseason camp.

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CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

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THOUGHTS ON KYLE PARKER: I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet. I was asleep last night at 12:30 (laughing). [Coach] Leggett was probably up stomping around his house or something. No, but I'm really happy for Kyle. What a great day for him regardless of the negotiations. I'm sure both sides came away a little unhappy so that means it was probably a good deal I guess. I'm happy for him. That's a big bonus in life for him to sign as a professional athlete as a 20-year old. Hopefully now he can relax and focus on a great season and take it from there.

THOUGHTS ON WILLY KORN: Well I'm just glad to see him have the opportunity to be the guy. I was hoping he was going to stay around here closer when he left. But regardless I'm happy to see him back this way. He's got a lot of fans here and a lot of people that want to see him play every week. Hopefully he can get back to what he does best and that's play quarterback and hopefully he can lead those guys to a lot of wins this season.

THOUGHTS ON THE SCRIMMAGE: Today was a good scrimmage. We did all orange on the swarm and purple on the attack. It was a good day for a lot our backups to get exposed. If you are going to step up- when you put a backup in they don't call a time out and put their backups in. It was a good day from that standpoint to let those guys get exposed a little bit. First groups did a really good job. We worked a lot of situation things today - overtime, milk the clock, get the ball back on defense type situation. We had a couple of different two-minute situations and then we did some scenarios that we talked through and setup. Just to make sure we cover everything - you know- tie ball game, defense gets an interception. Centering the ball. Working the torpedo play. We did some last plays- 10 seconds on the clock one time out. 10 seconds and no time outs. Hail mary type plays. It was good. We've been fortunate with the weather for the last couple of days ... even though we got rained on a bit. I tell you what, we could be a good rain team.

ON ROD MCDOWELL'S INJURY: He got the heck knocked out of him. It was a big hit. He got sandwiched. Probably a concussion even though that hasn't bee confirmed. He's got some cobb webs up there. We held Brewer out today. But he got off the field. I think everybody else is okay. We held Brewer out today with the hamstring so we were just being safe there. He probably could have played.

ON KYLE PARKER'S FOOTBALL FUTURE: I think he has all his options on the table. All of that stuff will work itself out. Obviously he could enter the NFL draft this spring. He could enter the combine this spring. I think the Rockies had the opportunity to buy him out of football completely and they chose not to do that. Kyle is being smart in that he keeps all of his options open. I'd be very shocked if he doesn't head off in January and go play some baseball. I also wouldn't be surprised to see him in the combine. I think the scouts are going to be impressed with him especially if he has a great year. It's all about leverage and making sure you got options and got every angle covered.

ON TAJH BOYD: It's good to see him get out there in that environment with that first group. It's just good confirmation for him that 'hey I've made a lot of progress.' But it's also good confirmation that 'hey I made a mistake' and he knows it's a mistake that can be easily corrected. So it's just all about the learning process. It was good work for him last night and good work for him today. Top Stories