Boyd taking advantage of opportunity

CLEMSON – Tajh Boyd found himself back in the saddle with the first team this week.

Starting quarterback Kyle Parker was permitted by head coach Dabo Swinney to miss Monday night's practice and Tuesday's scrimmage so he could deal with matters off the football field.

The opportunity presented Boyd with two more chances to lead the first group. Monday night's practice was the first time since the spring that he worked with the starters. On Tuesday, he was leading the first-team during the third and final stadium scrimmage of the preseason. Boyd completed 9-of-20 passes for 68 yards and a pair of touchdowns, one to tight end Dwayne Allen and the other to running back Jamie Harper.

There were no fumbled snaps. No interceptions either. In fact, no "significant" mistakes were made on Tuesday while Boyd was under center.

"It went pretty well. I did a lot of good things, but made some mistakes as well," Boyd said after the scrimmage. "We worked hard and I thought it was pretty decent."

He considered himself lucky to get another opportunity to lead the first-team so close to the start of the season.

"I'm really blessed to have an opportunity like this," Boyd said. "When it is my time to take the team over, I'll be prepared for it."

The first-team work was nothing new to Boyd, who had occasional reps with the first group during spring practice when Parker was with the Clemson baseball team.

"It was the same type of situation. I knew Kyle was away so I had to try and step up and lead the offense the best that I can," Boyd said.

Swinney didn't mind having Boyd back in the starter's spot, even though it was only a temporary move.

"It's just good confirmation for him that 'hey I've made a lot of progress.' But it's also good confirmation that 'hey I made a mistake' and he knows it's a mistake that can be easily corrected," Swinney said. "So it's just all about the learning process. It was good work for him last night and good work for him today."

Boyd's noticed considerable improvement in himself since the spring.

"I'm seeing everything. I'm making the proper reads. There might be a few weird throws or whatever, but I'm seeing it all fine," he said. Top Stories