Tigers scouting North Carolina QB

The search for a second 2011 quarterback continues and the Clemson coaching staff has an eye on one from the state of North Carolina.

QB Morgan Roberts Profile

Charlotte Country Day School senior quarterback Morgan Roberts spent one day at the Dabo Swinney Football Camp earlier this summer. The trip came on the heels of a spring break visit to Tigertown.

"I got a little more of a tour of the campus [in the summer]. I got to see the practice fields. It was an amazing feeling to be on the practice fields—the Tigers are there every single day practicing," he told CUTigers recently. "Then, I got to meet coach [Dabo] Swinney, which I had never done before. I got to spend more time with coach [Billy] Napier. That was a lot of fun to become better friends with them."

He enjoyed learning from Napier, the Tigers' quarterback coach/offensive coordinator. Roberts said he's applied a lot of what he learned to his preparation for this fall.

"I think it's really important for my season this year. The one thing that I didn't have a solid grasp of was footwork," Roberts said. "That was something he was really preaching to me—have my feet underneath me. If you have your feet underneath you, you're going to have confidence when you throw. I think it's pretty much going to go where you want it to go…I was really excited about that."

Roberts said that he and Napier did discuss recruiting. And Roberts understands that the Clemson coaching staff has been diligent in their search of a second quarterback for the class of 2011.

"This is really, really important, a second quarterback for them. I think it's probably going to be the last quarterback they're taking in this class," Roberts said. "I think they're really looking for somebody who's smart and obviously athletic and can throw the ball, but a person with good character.

"Hopefully, I fit that mold. I'm pretty hopeful that things will work out, but you never know."

Dartmouth and Western Carolina are the only offers right now. Roberts would like a Clemson offer, too.

"That's one that I've been waiting on a lot," he said. "Every time I've visited, I've loved the school. The campus is amazing. I like all the coaches I've met. That's definitely one I'm hoping for."

As far as favorites go, Roberts doesn't claim any.

"I've kind of been in the same spot for the last couple of months. I've still got a lot of ACC schools, SEC schools and Ivy [League] schools looking," he said. "Hopefully, I'm going to make my decision in not too long. I'm just kind of waiting around and hopefully more offers will come around."

As a junior, Roberts threw for over 1,500 yards, 21 touchdowns and just four interceptions. He also rushed for eight touchdowns.

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