CUTigersTV: Tuesday Dabo

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney discusses Tuesday's practice and looks ahead to North Texas.

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CUTigersTV: Dabo Swinney

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OPENING COMMENTS: We kind of turned the page today. This officially closes our camp. We did some full speed tackling today. This close to the ball game you get a little bit nervous but right now we are a pretty healthy football team. It was a good intensity. Defense was really focused and ready to go. First team offense did a real nice job. Good scrimmage situation.

So we'll turn the page now tomorrow to North Texas. Really looking forward to that. We are kind of tired of looking at each other to be honest with you and ready to start looking at their personnel and knocking the dust off some of our scouting work we've done. Let's see if we can go win the opener now. That will be the emphasis from this point on.

So the rest of the week we'll gear up for our mock game on Saturday. Then we'll finally be to game week. Thought today was a good practice.

THOUGHTS ON SCOTTY COOPER: It's disappointing. Very difficult thing for Scotty even though he's really had a great attitude about it. You know, if you play this game, you either get hurt or your just not good enough anymore. It's one of the two. I don't think there's anybody out there whenever it ended they were ready for it to end. Scotty, he's one of those guys, he's just got such great qualities for a football player. An explosive hitter. A violent guy. He was on his way to having a good season for us. He's got a little nerve issue that will get better, but as soon as he starts pounding again it's numbness and pain and he can't sleep. He's as tough a guy as you are going to find, but his health is much more important long term. It's what's best for him. He has interest in being a coach and a great personality and a lot of respect for the game. He'll be a student coach for us this year and hopefully next year as well. We are all proud of him and appreciate all he's done.

WHICH FRESHMEN WILL PLAY: I think those two (DeAndre Hopkins and Justin Parker) for sure. I think Martin Jenkins will play. If I had to put a stamp on it, he's a guy right now the staff feels really good about. He's very very focused for a freshman. Most guys don't have that kind of demeanor he has. He's scrappy. He's tough. He's got good strength. He's positioned himself well to help us. Then we got a few guys are bubble guys- guys like Kalon Davis, Vic Beasley, [Bashaud] Breeland and Darius Robinson. Those are some bubble guys. But I think we are starting to know pretty good who's going to play on Sept. 4.

ON MIGUEL CHAVIS: If we are going to roll guys in there there shouldn't be in drop-off. Miguel you can just flip a coin and there's no difference between him Brandon [Thompson] and Jarvis [Jenkins]. They are three really good players who are very serious about their jobs and very focused. Very seldom bust an assignment. They are in great shape- when you watch us run they are out front leading the sprints. That's exciting to see when you got those players showing that kind of work ethic. Miguel - I'd be really disappointed if he didn't have a great season for us.

ON THE CONSISTENTCY OF SECOND TEAM O-LINE: It's a little scattered. It's hit or miss. It really depends on how you line them up in there. A lot of times one guy can screw it up for everybody. You have to five guys with one heartbeat working together. We got a bunch of guys with that second group that hadn't played. Brandon Thomas hasn't played a snap. [Phillip] Price hasn't played a whole lot although he's had a great camp. We are very confident. We've played him a lot with the ones. I think we've got eight guys that we feel like we can count on. Price is definitely in that group. Brandon Thomas is in that group. We have to continue to bring some guys along and continue to evaluate Kalon Davis. He's on the bubble. May try to hold him if we can. But yeah, if you put that second group out there it's not quite as consistent, but it shouldn't be. That first group is a bunch of veterans. Top Stories