Wednesday Dabo Swinney Audio

Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Thursday's practice, the first day of preparation for next Saturday's season opener against North Texas.


OPENING STATEMENT: Today was the first day of scout work and from this point on, it kind of becomes mental. Really be mentally focused on getting better and getting our assignments down and learning what we're doing and how to apply our system versus the fronts and coverages and blitzes that we're going to see from North Texas. Started that process today. I thought we got some good work done. I'm glad we've got some extra time to get ready for these guys. Not only is it an opener, you always kind of worry about your openers, because of the unknown. This is truly an unknown. You don't know a lot about them. I think they have eight junior college guys. Don't know much about the quarterback. They've got a new offensive coordinator. You've got to prepare for what you've seen, plus you have to prepare for what they may do. The extra time will be very beneficial. At the end of the day, it's going to come down to us knowing what we do and being simple enough to make the adjustments to anything that is kind of out of the ordinary.

GAME PLANNING: We had all of our preliminary scouting reports done before we went on vacation this summer. We've got all the cut ups and that kind of stuff. The staff, both sides of the ball, is going back over that stuff. Really game planning them. We'll take advantage of these next couple of days. We're going to try to let them get some rest. We're going to let them get some rest on Saturday. We're going to move our Beanie Bowl game to Friday afternoon and just bring them over and meet Saturday—keep them off their legs for two-straight days. We'll kind of finish up some film work on Saturday, so when they come back in here Monday, being fresh and really ready to go with a true, full game week.

RICHARD JACKSON'S DAD: I have not gotten any confirmation on him right now. I know he was going into surgery. They were right in the middle of it when we were coming out here. It was a sudden open-heart surgery. I'm not sure if they're doing three or four bypasses. Our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Jackson, his family, Richard. We hope to get any update tonight when we get off the practice field.

RODERICK MCDOWELL: Hot Rod should be alright. He kind of tweaked an ankle the other day. We don't think it's anything serious. He's had a couple of little dings here and there that have kept him out of practice. He should be fine.

CHANDLER CATANZARO: He knocked ‘em out. Buster Douglas knocked Mike Tyson out. He went home with the belt. I don't think he had high odds, where ever the heck they were…I don't think anybody believed he could win it, but Buster Douglas, that's the only one that mattered. I told Cat-Man coming into this thing, if it's close, you ain't getting the job. I'm going with someone who's been out there before. If you're going to win it, knock ‘em out. He did. He KO'd ‘em. My hat's off to cat. He's a really strong minded young man. He's been money. That's all you talk about, doing your job. He's done his job. Spencer's [Benton] had some really good moments. Richard's [Jackson] like a really good golfer that's gotten into a slump. He has not had a very good camp. Spencer's very talented. He just hasn't been as consistent. Cat-Man may not have the overall leg strength as Benton, he's been consistent. That's the bottom line. We're not counting anybody out, as I told Richard Jackson. He's a senior and you'd love to see your seniors be the guy. We're going to play the best guy. That's the way it is. It's a game of performance. As I told Richard, we're not giving up on him. We're not counting him out. We'll need that sucker somewhere along the way.

MARQUAN JONES' SEPARATION: He's separated a little bit. He's just being a little bit more consistent [than Bryce McNeal]. Bryce is just so talented, but doesn't quite have the sense of urgency every single day that I need him to have, for him to take the next step to be a great player. He's not far. It's really close. Marquan is ahead because he's a worker. He has a real sense of urgency. He's hungry. He understands this is his time, if he's going to do it. Bryce is kind of nonchalant. Things, I think, have come easy to him, because of his talent. If he's going to beat a guy like that out, he's got to bring his lunch pale every day, not just every other day.

MARTIN JENKINS: Martin's going to play. He's done well. He's very talented. He can fly. Of all those guys, he's probably the most mature, the most ready, now. Physically, he's very powerful. He's got compact power. He's very serious about his job every single day he's come out there. He knows what he's doing. He's about his business all the time. He doesn't say two words until he starts rapping or something—releases a CD. I expect him to play for us.

THE DANIEL GUYS: These are two local guys [Jarvis Jenkins and DeAndre Hopkins] that take a lot of pride. Daniel does a great job. They take a lot of pride in developing their players. They're really proud of them. Jarvis is a guy that's paved the way, coming from where he's come from. He wasn't great academically coming in here. He wasn't great physically coming in here. Everybody has seen the results. He's done well academically, just flourished at Clemson. He doesn't look like the same kid that came in here. That's a credit to the whole program and a credit to Jarvis. He's been a great role model for Nuke. Nuke's a guy who, I think everybody in this area knows what a great player and a great competitor he's done over there at Daniel. Still, at the same time, he needs a little guidance from time to time. I think Jarvis has done a great job being that guy. Top Stories