Thursday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Thursday's practice and more.


NORTH TEXAS FILM: We've been watching film on North Texas since the spring and summer. We're going back and watching all of the cutups. You have preliminary scouting reports and preliminary game plans. Now, you really thoroughly sit back down, go back through everything, especially now that you've gone through camp and you have a much better feel for your team and your personnel, the things you did well, that you installed. You go through all the cutups and make sure you've got a really good plan.

TANK BLACK WITH TEAM: He was outstanding. It was pretty strong message. Here's a guy who made $122 million and had a $22 million jet. Houses everywhere. Had 31 first round picks that he represented and over 100 players. Pretty much if it's been done in the agent business, he's probably been in the middle of it. Spent seven years, 10 months and 16 days in prison. His message was nothing but the truth, the whole truth, so help me God. He was point blank with them. I thought it was great. He didn't hold anything back, told it just like it is. He gave them some great advice, some things to look out for, traps to avoid, things like that. Talked to them about what the timeline should be and not buying into what somebody else is telling them. And then he took a lot of questions. I thought the players were real engaged. I thought it was a good meeting. That gets a lot of attention now, but we've been doing agent education for a long time around here. We get several guys in here, some NFLPA people. Nobody ever covered it. Now, it's a big deal. Tank Black was a super-agent who now wants no part of the agent business. I know everybody rips the agents. They're certainly at fault too. Bottom line, the players know when they're wrong. I tell these guys all the time. It was perfect because Tank said the exact same thing that I say all the time. There are consequences for your decisions—good and bad. You're all going to be presented with the opportunity to do wrong at different times. It's important that you understand there's consequences when you don't do it right and try to cut corners. That's basically what he told them when he talked to them. He talked to them how he became so successful. And he did it right. Then he talked to them about his dealings with the player from Florida, when he gave him some money and crossed that line. That was kind of the beginning of the end for him. It just kind of all spiraled out of control and he ended up paying a very heavy price with his years in prison.

TIGHT ENDS: I feel good about them. I think Dwayne Allen and Chad Diehl are two proven commodities that we're really excited about. Chad has just grown in his role and become a more complete player. Dwayne has positioned himself to have some kind of year. I'm excited about how he's practiced and everything about him. [Drew] Traylor and Darrell Smith have been real pleasant surprises for us fall camp. Traylor, in particular, has really done a nice job—a really good job. Kasey Nobles is kind of our backup fullback. He kind of backs Diehl up in the fullback role. That's his niche. He's a good job. He's a tough kid. He'd be the guy to go in there if something happen to Diehl in certain situations. Overall, we're pleased with that group. We'll see how they transfer it to game day.

TE REDSHIRTS: I would say Sam Cooper, for sure. Sam is just what we want. He's going to be a heck of a player. I'm glad that we can redshirt him. It's worked out well, in that regard. Same thing with Vic [Beasley]. If you're going to go recruit a guy, he's the kind of guy that you'd want. He's got everything. He's still learning. He's got a lot of things to put together to be a good football player at this level. A good tight end at this level. We're not committing either way at this point. We're still kind of evaluating it. We're leaning toward trying to redshirt him. Top Stories