Wednesday Dabo Swinney Audio

CLEMSON - Head coach Dabo Swinney talks about Brandon Maye, Chad Diehl and more after Wednesday's practice.


OPENING STATEMENT: Finished with a good two-minute drill. First defenses won their session and the second ‘o' won their session. They're kind of split. I thought it was a good practice. One of the things we're looking for now as we're getting ready to play a game is that second stage of evaluation for us as coaches is game day. We've done about all you can do in practice. We're kind of lined up where we need to be going into the game. As I told the team, game day is the next level of evaluation for us to make further decisions. Some guys will get exposed if they don't know the plan like they're supposed to know it. Others will rise up. Anxious to get them out there and see.

BRANDON MAYE'S STATUS: Everything went good today. We're hoping he'll be back for PC. It was exactly what we thought it was, just a loose body in there. Should have him up and at ‘em, rehabbing here pretty soon. Don't anticipate him having any major issues.

MOVEMENTS TO THE WILL: Daniel Andrews is working a good bit over there, too. Brock Henderson is a guy that's ready to play if we need him to go in there. Daniel will probably be the first guy we'll cross-train. Daniel knows them all. He's an easy guy. He's kind of a putty guy. You put him over there and he'll know what to do.

LB DEPTH CONCERN?: There's no doubt about that. Tig [Willard] has played. He's got some game experience. He played some in the championship game. He didn't get a ton of reps, but he's played. Corico [Hawkins], I think, is getting solid. The good thing is there style of play. We'll probably be in a lot of nickel, even with some dime sprinkled in there. We probably won't have a lot of base defense. That takes your depth problem and condenses a little bit and you rely a little bit more on depth in your secondary. I think we'll be OK. Hopefully, we'll come out of this game Saturday with some good experience for all those guys. Quandon [Christian] will have that first game under his belt. [Spencer] Shuey will have his first game under his belt. We can put it on film, coach them and get better from there.

BYRON MAXWELL'S SIZE: He's a big body. He's a physical player. He can run as well as [Crezdon Butler and Chris Chancellor]. He's longer and he really likes to mix it up at the line of scrimmage, physically. The thing about Maxwell, he has really worked hard in the offseason on some specific areas that he needed to improve in. Flexibility, his body—all that kind of stuff. He's in great shape. Had an excellent camp. If he'll play every snap with a high level of intensity and focus, he'll have an excellent year.

REDSHIRT BUBBLE: A lot of it is going to depend on what happens in these first couple of games. We'll continue to get a guy like Kalon [Davis] ready, for example. If I had to bet, he'll probably end up playing. We'll try to protect him if we can. Same thing with Darius Robinson. Martin Jenkins, it still looks like he's probably going to have to play. We'd like to hold both of those guys, if we could. We're just going to keep going in that direction. We'll have to make a decision over the next few weeks. Don't have to make any final decisions right now. Some guys, we know for sure. Some of those younger guys, we're going to have to see how it plays out the next couple of weeks.


DIEHL'S INVOLVEMENT WITH THE BALL: It shocked me yesterday, out of all the players you asked to interview, none of you guys asked for Diehl. What the heck is wrong with all of you people? That sucker might be the best player we've got and nobody wants to interview him. He's a nice guy. He won't hurt none of you…he's the knew and improved Chad Diehl. This guy is re-defining himself. We started that progress last year because we knew this day was coming. We didn't really have to do certain things with him last year, because of our personnel. He worked all fall last year. He's probably out there right now. He worked all fall, all spring. He worked on broadening his game. He's done a good job with it. He's going to have to catch the ball. He's going to be have to carry the ball. He protects. He plays on the line. He plays off the ball and moves. Of course, he'll always be that guy that everyone wants to keep their eyes on, because there's a collision going to happen, one way or another. He's done a good job of becoming a much more complete player. He's really caught the ball well. I'm anxious to see him play over the course of the season. I think you'll see his role different than last year…we're asking him to do more stuff formationally, concept-wise, passing-game wise than we ever have so we can have him on the field more…y'all interview him some time. Throw him a bone. He's getting a complex. Nobody wants to talk to him. He might have a career-high carries Saturday. I think he's the epitome of team and the way the game of football ought to be played, practiced, studied—the whole deal. He's just all in. He's got a great future in front of him. Top Stories