Monday coaches corner

CLEMSON - CUTigers sat down with wide receivers coach Jeff Scott, offensive guards and centers coach Brad Scott and defensive tackles coach Dan Brooks at the West End Zone on Monday.

WIDE RECEIVERS: The eight-man rotation will continue for at least one more week. Jeff Scott didn't see nearly enough snaps to give a fair assessment of who's starting separate from the pack.

"Of the eight guys, the most somebody got was 16. The least somebody got was 12," Scott said. "Six of the eight guys had either 16 or 15 plays. It just kind of worked out that way. We rolled them every series. I don't stand down there with a pen and mark plays."

All eight still "deserve the opportunity" to play in this weekend's game versus Presbyterian. Assuming everyone practices well this week, Scott said the rotation will continue as is.

The Presbyterian game could be the last game with an eight-man rotation—it could drop down to five or six by the following week at Auburn.

"Right now, after the first game, I'd say all those guys definitely earned an opportunity to keep playing," Scott said.

He was especially impressed with the play of the two freshmen on Saturday, Bryce McNeal and DeAndre Hopkins.

"Sometimes you don't know, different guys react different ways. I kind of had a feeling that they would not have the big eyes that a lot of freshmen might have in their first game," Scott said.

Each had a pair of catches.

Hopkins also had a "de-cleater" of a block against a North Texas safety in Saturday's 35-10 win over the Mean Green.

"It was probably the most violent block that I've seen from a wide out in two years," Scott said. "I think that's pretty good for a true freshman in his first game.

"I think he'll make the other guys look for those opportunities, as well."

As a whole, Scott said he was pleased with the group's blocking.

Brandon Clear had the lone touchdown catch in the group, a 70-yard score.

"It was probably the most violent block that I've seen from a wide out in two years," Scott said. "I think that's pretty good for a true freshman in his first game." (Roy Philpott)
"Sometimes when you get— like playing pool— when you have the easy straight shot, sometimes they're the hardest ones," Scott said. "I was happy for him. He was able to get his first touchdown at Clemson."

OFFENSIVE LINE: Brad Scott said the play from the offensive line on Saturday was "OK".

"We've got to clean a few things up. They played hard and they played physical. The first game, I'd say they passed," he said. "They got a passing grade."

No one played off the charts, but left guard David Smith did pickup Lineman of the Week honors.

"Just because he got the most push on the down guys, probably blunted the front, as we like to say—knocked a hole in it a couple of times—effort was real good," Scott said.

The line helped clear the way for a pair of 100-yard rushing efforts from Andre Ellington and Jamie Harper.

"That's one thing we did a pretty good job of is we covered them up and didn't leave a lot of on the edges to make the backs a little nervous. For the most part, I thought that we did that," Scott said. "You don't try to tell those good backs where to run. You do your job as a lineman. They ran hard and physical. That always makes your job as an offensive lineman [easier] and want to play a little bit harder, too."

Second team tackles Phillip Price and Brandon Thomas played 19 and 14 snaps, respectively.

"They didn't have any glaring mistakes," Scott said. "Phillip actually led a couple of our wide, off tackle plays."

Freshman guard Kalon Davis didn't play, but will remain game ready for the first five weeks or so, in case there are any injuries.

DEFENSIVE TACKLES: Dan Brooks played six different defensive tackles, including Miguel Chavis, who was limited to just 10 snaps because of an ankle injury, was the starter at nose guard.

"He's going to be fine," Brooks said of Chavis' injury. "We were able to get some real quality snaps with our redshirt freshman, Tyler Shatley."

Senior Jarvis Jenkins played 58 snaps—the most in the group. Brandon Thompson played 45, Rennie More had 32 and Shatley 24. John Wright was on the field for five snaps at the end of the game.

Jenkins led the group with nine tackles and had a team-high three tackles for loss on Saturday.

"He knows what to do…he played solid the whole ball game and he did play a lot," Brooks said.

Shatley was in on four tackles during his Clemson debut.

"He did OK for that first ball game. He played about 25 snaps, which was really good that he could do that," Brooks said. "He knows what to do. He's a very coachable young guy. He's never played the defensive line much. He was the horse. He carried the football a bunch in high school."

Brooks said he wasn't happy to see 193 yards given up to the North Texas rushing game.

"We as coaches, you want to shut everybody out so you don't give up any yards," Brooks said. "We felt like, going in, their back was a quality guy." Top Stories